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And hey, was that Aamir Khan sitting in the corner, churning out script after script like a madman? Oh! And ignore that guy near the coffee machine. That was just Mr. Cameron, sipping coffee and gossiping about his next big picture.

Then you might hear our CEO yelling “STOP SNORING AND GET BACK TO WORK MS. ROWLING!!!”


No, none of them works for us! All you’ll find in our tiny little space is a portal to the future of media and entertainment. Top-notch videos and content of all shades and sizes…

And yes, we cherry-pick the best filmmakers/writers to work for us. We offer you seasoned professionals with genuine industry experience as old as your rum, pitch drunk with creative ecstasy!

We have a large pool of creative professionals from the worlds of video production and content writing, whom we sew in together to form the 25th Hour Folks media universe.

They can season your project with a touch of emotional value, sprinkle a pinch of humor around, or coat it with any other ingredient of your choice, without cutting down on the meaty part.


In short, highly experienced professionals will work on your project…swiftly, with zero glitches, for the lowest pricing around. Savvy?





A small gist about our team, infrastructure, processes, and work culture:


Who we are:

Among the many factors that decide the credibility of a company; team strength, the experience level of the core team in the concerned area of business, infrastructure, and a good track record are the ones a person should consider.

And 25th Hour Folks is one of those companies which score the best when it comes to these credibility factors. 

Our top management consists of a handful of experts from the fields of advertisement filmmaking, video production, content writing, and copywriting. They have amassed an unmatched level of experience in their respective fields in the past; by working with world-famous corporates, brands, agencies, studios, production houses, and professionals, among others.

In the past, they have worked on a multitude of projects from a wide range of industries; spanning across media, hospitality, and real estate to local businesses and retailers.

Apart from our core team and in-house employees, we have a large pool of professionals from the advertising, filmmaking, and content writing sectors, who work on a contract basis with us. They step in for our projects, putting in their industry experience and expertise, to make each project stand out. Their industry experience is 100% genuine, with a strong track record of successful projects.

Our infrastructure:

It includes strong connections with well-established post-production studios, on-the-spot access to all necessary equipment for a video shoot, licensed software that would come in handy at every stage of content creation/video production, etc; along with every basic infrastructural capability one would expect from a well-established company with a good track record and credibility.

We have a full-fledged head office in Bangalore, from where our core management team operates. Apart from that, we also have well-equipped branch offices in various places throughout India and are currently opening up offices in various locations abroad as well, expanding our services to a wider range of global clients.


What we do:

We are a full-fledged video production, ad filmmaking, and content writing company. Our team takes up and executes every type of project related to visual and written content creation.


Our process:


Video production and ad filmmaking:

We follow a strict process for video production and filmmaking. It is a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism. During this process, we take care of each project, right from the initial phase of ideation to the end phase of delivery.

Our entire process begins with the business management team approving a requirement. Once the backend work for processing and starting the project gets completed, we pass the requirement to the scriptwriting team,.

Our writers start the work by coming up with an out of the box idea, which would sync in perfectly with the client’s requirements. From there, they develop it into a full-bound script, complete with all minute details of scene descriptions. This will ensure that we will have a clear idea of what’s going to be there on the screen, way before we even start shooting. Once the script is ready, we will decide the shot division with the help of a perfectly illustrated storyboard.

After that we take care of the remaining part of pre-production with casting auditions, location scouting, art and prop procurement, costume designing, arranging for equipment, crew and post-production facilities, shoot scheduling, getting permissions and other paperwork, etc.

Throughout the pre-production phase, our team keeps the client in the loop and constantly updates them regarding the progress of the project; with PPT presentations, regular meetings, and detailed treatment decks.

Now we take the process to the production stage.

At this phase, our expert filmmakers complete the shoot as per the schedule and send the footage to the editing desk.

Now dubbing, music, SFX, VFX, editing, color grading, mixing, and mastering, etc. takes place perfectly to ensure that the final product is of top quality.

Throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production stages, we keep the client involved as well, and work completely according to the client’s preferences.

Content writing:

In content writing and advertising copywriting, we start right from the phase of ideation.

As soon as our business management team receives a project requirement, they process it completely and make sure that we do every backend work to ensure a smooth workflow. After that, they pass it on to the content writing team. They start the process by coming up with the basic idea and framework. From there, we develop it into the final content; with the help of thorough research (we have a set of full-fledged online and offline libraries, along with access to an inexhaustible range of research materials).

Research makes the content perfect in terms of data, logic, and information. Thus, logical errors and irrelevant information can be avoided.

After the research phase, we frame the collected information properly into complete sentences, as per the rules of language. We make sure that there are no linguistic errors. The content framed thus is further beautified creatively, as per the requirements of the client. This will help in making the content catchy and unique.

Further, the team takes care of the aspect of spacing and alignment. With that, the major work gets over. Finally, we optimize the content for search engines, as per the requirement, and do two rounds of proofreading to filter out any typographical errors.

Post this, we send the final content to the designing team (if required). From there they deliver it to the client way before the deadline. If the client requests, our team will do further changes and revisions.

Throughout the process, we give constant updates to the client. Thus it’s ensured that the final content is as per the exact requirements of the client.


 Our mission is to honor and live up to the trust placed upon us by our clients, by ensuring that each project done by us is the best in the industry to date. We aim to achieve this through hard work, commitment, and total adherence to professional values.



 Our vision is to steadily evolve into becoming the providers of the best video production services and content writing services, to a global clientele.


We have:

700+ clients       20000+ completed projects      15000+ network of video creation professionals


Work culture:

 Our work culture is a perfect mix of fun and professionalism. When we are working, we invest our whole focus on the project at hand, thereby ensuring that the work is completed perfectly way before the stipulated time.

Once we are free, we turn into a fun-loving family. We go on and dive into various exciting activities, which help in developing team-bonding as well as various skills of our employees.

We also take our teams on constant trips and outings, apart from giving them timely breaks to recharge themselves and get back to work with increased vigor.

Every year, we conduct our anniversary celebrations. It is a two-day event, full of fun-filled programs and activities. 

Apart from all that, we provide regular skill development training to our employees, thereby further polishing their talents and abilities as full-fledged professionals.


A small gist of the advantages of our services:

  • High level of professionalism
  • Extreme levels of creativity
  • Well-equipped and highly skilled professionals
  • We have a proper system in place, which will ensure the perfection of each project
  • Great connections within the video production and content writing industries
  • Many years of experience which the core team as well as the employees can confidently boast about
  • Inexhaustible range of readily available resources
  • Timely delivery