Ad film makers in Bangalore- An introduction!

“As per studies, the growth of the sector comprising every video production company / top ad film makers in Bangalore has shown a two-fold rise during the years 2014 – 2018. Eventually, it has reached annual revenue of $286 billion.”

The best brands prefer making use of the potential of interesting marketing videos. They aim to drive in a good user engagement rate and leverage the maximum ROI. This is because they know very well that it’s the best tried and tested technique when compared to other marketing strategies. And only a top video production company in Bangalore /ad film makers in Bangalore can help them with it.

Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in the country. This IT city is a hub of global and local brands, striving to outdo their competitors and survive the race to become the best in their respective industries. So, rightly, it is the Silicon Valley of India.

Here, a good video production company/ad film makers in Bangalore can always save the day by providing them with various types of videos for marketing, brand-building, and various other purposes that fit their goals. 

And talking of Bangalore, the tremendous demand that comes from within the country and abroad is an issue. It has forced almost every ad film making firm in Bangalore to quote extremely high prices. Thus, it usually becomes difficult for small and medium-sized companies to afford high-quality videos that suit their needs. 

And this is where a professional, cheap video production company / cheap ad film makers in Bangalore like the 25th Hour Folks come in. Regardless of the size, nature, and requirement of your company, the employees and freelancers at 25th Hour Folks can produce high-quality videos for you at affordable prices. 

Looking out for the best video production company/ad film makers in Bangalore (read 25th Hour Folks)? Then, these are some must-have features:

Ability to communicate the business idea effectively

Videos by an ad film making agency in Bangalore have more potential to grab the attention of the audience and engage them for longer durations when compared to simple text. Therefore, this realization has forced most companies to use videos to put across their business in front of their target audience. 

A good video making company/ad film making services provider creates precise, high-quality videos to portray a professional and trustworthy image of its clients. It uses every available resource to reach out to the audience. Thus it can convey the client’s message in the most impactful manner.

Power to create compelling videos

A poor-quality video can harm a business’s reputation, whereas a good-quality video can work wonders. Because of this reason, it is very important to invest wisely in a competent and well-established agency. They will have a team of expert professionals who work with innovative tools and technology to generate result-oriented and lucrative videos for their clients.

And they will also be ready to put a lot of effort into all the stages of video production, to deliver a product that exceeds the client’s expectations. They study the client’s business, audience, company objectives, etc. in advance, so they can produce the best possible videos.

Fast-paced production

Good production companies/ad film makers in Bangalore will have access to updated production technologies and tools, including the most efficient and highly functional video editing software. This significantly reduces the time spent on video production. So, you will get the work done way before the deadline.

Creates Original Content

Another essential feature is originality in video generation. Since there are lots of videos on the internet; videos that are unique, original, and engaging attract the attention of viewers. So, an experienced video professional will know about the short attention span of the audience; and will create unique, crisp, and enriching videos that can add value to the client’s business efforts.

As a top-notch, cheap video production company/ad film makers in Bangalore, here is a gist of what we offer:

Our video production activities include a wide variety of options for clients to choose from. They make the eventual choice completely based on their needs and requirements. 

·        Corporate videos 

A good video development company/ad film makers in Bangalore can use corporate videos to cover a broad range of objectives: corporate communication, videotaping conferences for future reference, training employees, informing clients regarding various aspects of the company, etc. being some of them. 

This is very important for corporates, since it is an effective way to communicate the company’s core values, beliefs, and mission statement as well. In a nutshell, it can act as a great technique for stakeholders to learn more about the company. 

So we make these videos which can range anywhere between 1 minute to 60 minutes in such a way that they are completely under the communication style and tone of the company.   

·        Corporate event videos

Most corporate video production companies/ad film makers in Bangalore shoot such videos, which cater to both corporate and non-corporate entities. And they usually comprise trade shows, conventions, multiple-day events, awards ceremonies, recreational sessions, and break-out activities, among others.

Many firms effectively make use of corporate event videos to further their business agendas. If shot well, such videos can easily increase brand engagement from the target audience. 

·        Product videos

As the name suggests, this focuses completely on promoting a client’s product. The primary aim is to showcase the features and benefits of a particular product. Using this type of videos is also a sure shot way for a business to show how their products stand out from those of their competitors.

To make the product look catchy and compelling, good video creation agencies like us focus on shooting various aspects of the product aesthetically. 

The sole intention of video making agencies while shooting product videos is to improve product sales in the targeted areas and increase revenue generation for the business. The duration of such videos can be anywhere between 2 to 3 minutes.

·        Television broadcast

Our well-equipped production studios / best ad film makers in Bangalore can execute television broadcasts perfectly. The television broadcast is of two varying styles: EFP (Electronic field production) and ENG (Electronic news-gathering), and is beneficial for companies that look forward to using the potential of news media to further their corporate goals. 

It comprises primarily television ads, infomercials, commercials, entertainment shows, newscasts, news magazines, documentaries, reality shows, sitcoms, etc.

·        Event videos

Every top video production agency/advertising agencies including 25th Hour Folks makes event videos. It’s all about capturing public events such as competitions in schools and colleges, dance programs, weddings, and festivals.

They also help in broadcasting live events like concerts and press conferences. A satellite truck parked at the location of the event sends videos of live events to a TV studio for broadcasting.

In certain cases, event videos can also turn out to be event teaser videos, “recaps”, or multiple-camera productions. 

So, the duration of such videos can range anywhere from thirty seconds to three hours. 

·        Social media videos

These are very short videos with a duration ranging between fifteen to sixty seconds. Social media videos can comprise music, narration, and text. We make them with an intent to share on popular social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

“Statistics say that branded social videos by experienced video production companies/advertising agencies can have a great level of influence on the public, with 64% of customers making a product purchase after watching them.” 

·        Commercials

Good quality commercials usually range between thirty seconds to one and a half minutes. They can be in various forms, such as TV commercials, digital ad films, and brand videos. Commonly known as advertisements, their primary aim is to sell a product.

25th Hour Folks – Top ad film makers in Bangalore

·        Real estate videos

With our labor force and technology, we can easily create compelling real estate videos. We always make it a point to use high-end equipment and technology such as drones and sliders, to bring out the best experience in terms of cinematography and editing. We can also make good animated videos for our real estate clients, upon request. 

·        Advertising biopics

Our freelance videographer in Bangalore can handle this with an impressive level of expertise. Mostly comprising infomercials, they use interview-based storytelling techniques and usually come within the duration of one to thirty minutes.  

·        Educational videos

Educational videos cover in-depth topics. They are highly informative and can include explainer videos, tutorials, how-to videos, and PSAs. 

·        Music videos

Primarily made for entertainment, almost every corporate video production company/advertising agencies offer music video production as an additional service since they are highly popular among city dwellers. The importance of music videos is immense, considering their reach. Companies and brands can use this potential to reach out to a wider audience. 

The standard video creation workflow followed globally by advertising agencies:

There are three major steps/stages for producing high-quality videos for businesses.


It encompasses the planning and creative aspects before starting the filming activities. Though it happens in the background, it is the most significant part of the video creation process. It lays a firm foundation for the video and helps in accomplishing the business goals effectively. The important activities that take place during this phase are scriptwriting, outlining, logistics, scheduling, and other types of administrative duties such as:

  • Evaluation of the aim of the video, its target audience, mode of delivery, and tone 
  • Setting the budget
  • Setting the right pitch and creative development
  • Shot division and storyboarding
  • Studio procurement for music composition, dubbing, SFX, etc.
  • Completing the crew
  • Getting the required permits from authorities 
  • Buying or renting equipment
  • Recruiting subcontractors


Well-established video content creation companies/advertising agencies usually call this set of activities as principal photography. This is when we shoot the actual video.

  • The Producer’s participation is critical in all the stages of video production, right from its concept creation to completion. He supervises budget control, set coordination, talent procurement, and more.
  • The Photography Director, in association with the Director, executes the vision of the script. They supervise the lighting and camera departments to create the desired visuals that narrate the story.
  • The Assistant Camera Operator sets the camera’s focus properly takes care of other details such as changing batteries.
  • The Field Audio Engineer mixes, reproduces, and manipulates the sound
  • The Gaffer takes care of designing the lighting strategy.
  • The Grip develops the stage for advertisements, television shows, and movies.
  • Makeup Artists understand the makeup techniques used for application on the neck and face of artists. They can change the appearance of an actor based on the requirements set by the client.
  • The Drone Operator controls drone cameras.
  • The Production Assistant takes care of the communication activities that happen between different production departments.

Production equipment usually includes high-definition cameras, audio, lighting, and other types of equipment.


This involves selectively merging video clips via video editing software, to form a full-fledged video. The phase begins after we film the video. It provides the finished product that communicates a business’s message. Usually, most production companies outsource the entire process to some reputed film studio in Bangalore. 

This stage ideally comprises:

  • File management
  • Motion graphics creation
  • Animation (usually outsourced to trustworthy animation video makers in Bangalore)
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Editing 
  • Color grading
  • Audio mastering
  • Rendering

 Benefits of 25th Hour Folks as Ad Film Maker IN Bangalore:

Highly affordable

To make a video on your own, you need to invest in several expensive tools, software, and equipment. It is also essential to know the prevailing trends and to have a good working knowledge of the production tools. 

But with the skills and hands-on knowledge of working with high-end video production and editing tools that our experienced team possesses, you can avoid investing tremendous amounts in hiring an in-house team. 

Also, we as one of the best video production companies/advertising agencies can save you precious time as well. Thus, you can invest all your time and efforts in the core activities of your business.

Improves ROI

You can use the versatile videos created by our production team on multiple platforms to benefit your business. It could be your website, social media channels, TV, etc. This helps in maximizing your marketing efforts, resulting in a good ROI.

Ideal brand promotion

Our highly knowledgeable professionals have sound knowledge about the best industry practices. Based on their years of experience, they know what it takes to keep the audience’s attention. And these professionals also have vast domain knowledge and thorough experience in working with the best tools to create compelling videos.

Thus they can tell your brand’s unique story most interestingly and help you build its identity.

Reduces bounce rate and expands customer base

Keeping your website visitors hooked to the website for a longer time reduces the bounce rate and increases the chances of conversions. By producing high-quality videos coupled with strong video marketing strategies, we can help your business with more new customers and repeated visits from existing customers. This way, your business can experience an increased flow of organic traffic to the website. 

Google acknowledges such websites and ranks them higher on the results page. So, incorporating good quality videos in your marketing efforts can yield SEO benefits too.

Increases product sales and revenue generation

Our experienced employees can easily help you with the effective representation of your product. For this, our cinematographers can portray your product attractively and glamorously, using the best-in-quality tools and lighting arrangements. Thus it can help capture every single city dweller’s attention. This increases the chances of customers buying the product.

PS: As one of the top video production companies/advertising agencies, we have offices in the following key locations:

  • Cubbon Park: This park is famous for its natural beauty. It offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and is, therefore, an ideal option for every video advertising company to shoot beautiful videos. 
  • Bannerghatta: This area is again famous for its biological park, which is a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. That’s reason enough for us to keep choosing Bannerghatta as a shooting spot. 
  • Vijayanagar: Unlike many other parts of the city, Vijayanagar is a peaceful suburb. Considering its serene atmosphere, video production companies/advertising agencies would want to keep going back there to shoot good quality videos. 
  • Madiwala: Localites have always been proud of Madiwala for many reasons. The beautiful Madiwala lake is just one of them. Our in-house filmmakers always enjoy shooting near the lake for our esteemed clients. 
  • Rajaji Nagar: It’s a proper residential area. Whenever there’s a requirement for good interiors for shooting, any ad film maker in Bangalore (big or small) can count on the homeowners of this area. 
  • MG Road: As a proper party area lined with pubs and discos, MG road is a completely youthful street. Since it always bustles with energy, this area gives positive vibes for creative activities like shooting.
  • Banashankari: This is a locality in the southern part of the city. We love this area because of the various possibilities it offers in terms of locations and labor. The area has many film studios and post-production facilities.
  • Yelahanka: As yet another suburb in the city, every reputed ad film making company in Bangalore has used the immense possibilities of the serene locales of Yelahanka at one point or the other.

Well, that sums up pretty much everything about the aspect of video creation activities in India in general, and Bangalore in Particular!