Advertising agency in Bangalore – An introduction

What can be so special about an advertising agency in Bangalore? Before trying to understand that, let’s see what’s special about Bangalore. To begin with, this city is always about IT and nightlife. So, there are youthful pubs dotting the streets of Brigade road & MG road, and big MNCs sprawling throughout Electronic city & Whitefield. Thus, with such development around, any cheap advertising agency in Bangalore which provides good quality services can scale the heights of success easily. 

As per studies, we expect the advertising revenue of Bangalore / Bengaluru to increase at a CAGR of 4.3% between 2020 and 2022. 

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With that said, let’s look at various types of advertising agency services offered by every top advertising agency in Bangalore, such as 25th Hour Folks

Digital Marketing

Every good agency in Bangalore acts as a one-stop solution for all digital marketing requirements of various types of businesses. So, they provide innovative digital advertising solutions for brands. Their ads help in enhancing the traffic on their clients’ websites and ultimately convert the website visitors into business customers. Also, such agencies will have a team of digital marketers that can offer comprehensive solutions to businesses for the promotion of their services/products online. Their offerings comprise SMO, PPC, media design and buying, graphic designing, brand positioning, and strategy development, customer acquisition and retention, marketing analysis, and promotional strategy, etc. Their Google-certified PPC professionals can help clients plan an elaborate analytics report that is needed at the time of launching an advertising campaign. After doing detailed research, they perform on-page optimization to boost traffic to the client’s website. “Studies say that by 2021, digital ad revenues will overtake the revenue of TV advertising agencies.”

Visual Effects

The highly skilled professionals at such firms deliver outstanding visual effects by using high-end technology. Their services comprise 2D VFX, matte painting, 3D VFX, roto scoping, concept design, compositing, and more.


SEO helps in increasing the online visibility of a business. Advertisement agencies in Bangalore and digital marketing firms offer SEO services that can take a business to the top on the SERP. Thus, their ad marketing services help enhance conversion rate, generate inbound leads, and expand the customer base.

RWA Activity by a top advertising agency in Bangalore

Agency professionals use alluring designs and superior grade raw material to create the best RWA ads.

2D Animation

An ad agency in Bangalore can offer the desired infrastructure to manage two-dimensional animation projects. Their creative teams of professionals come up with fresh ideas to infuse life into any 2D project. Thus, they form the concept, prepare the script, and visually present the project prototype.

Television Commercials

The professionals at TV commercial agencies focus on delivering compelling content to clients. It can have a deep impact on the viewers. Also, a good TV advertising agency can transform a concept for any brand/product to develop an influential commercial.

Bus Branding

Besides airport branding, every top branding agency in Bangalore can create engaging bus branding ads to catch customers’ attention. Their meaningful content increases the visibility of bus branding advertising.

Product Simulations

Using inventive three-dimensional animations, the professionals create world-class level elaborate and interactive demonstrations. Their simulation projects reduce the overall cost incurred in manufacturing.

3D Animation

Based on the budget, such a creative agency also offers three-dimensional animation solutions to their customers. They use a comprehensive story-telling approach to work on full-length short films, documentaries, and feature films.

Airport Advertising

This type of advertising generates designer flyers to captivate high-end customers at a cost-effective rate.

Three-Dimensional Modelling

Professionals at ad agencies in Bangalore use realistic three-dimensional models to add creativity to any concept. We later produce this smoothly. We majorly use 3D modeling in areas such as architectural models, models for automobiles, product design, electronics, digital characters, three-dimensional furniture designing, and more.

Character Animation

The dynamic teams of filmmakers at these media advertising agencies in Bangalore use advanced tools like Maya, 3DS MAX, etc, to craft superior and persuasive animated content. Thus, it infuses life into artistically modeled characters.

Motion Graphics

Their high-end motion graphic design ensures the creation of incredible video openers and promo trailers to engage the audience. Also, they use the latest technology to develop attractive motion graphic content.

Documentary Ads by Advertising Agencies / digital marketing services in Bangalore

Skilled design professionals usually have plenty of experience in making documentary films. Their services include direction, voice-over narration, and proficient scriptwriting. Thus, they create impactful and intuitive stories that are sure to win the hearts of people.

Promo Videos

Design professionals at a good ad firm in Bangalore can craft effective promotional videos. It can market web content, corporate events, or even product launches. Also, by incorporating the right balance of creative expression, they put across the right message across the target audience. Thus, they strive to create an engagement rate that would bring maximum gains to the client’s business.

Corporate Films

Their professionals create inspiring corporate films. They effectively communicate an idea to the viewers. Also, studios in Bangalore create pictorial engagement that works by refining ideas to inspire and make the desired impact on people.

Features of a good creative advertising agency / digital marketing agency in Bangalore, such as 25th Hour Folks

Following are the attributes to look out for in a good provider of advertising agency services in Bangalore.


A good digital advertising company in Bangalore employs in-house teams of professionals. Usually, they have several years of experience working with online advertising and web design projects across varying business domains. Also, their portfolios comprise recognized names from a diverse set of industries. They use innovative solutions to develop impressionable ads. Also, they create precise and thought-provoking advertisements that can target your business customers effectively. Such ads yield outcomes quickly and help you multiply your profits.

Broad Range of Services

Digital advertising is a vast arena that comprises different techniques and methods to reach out to customers. Some of them being Google AdWords, mobile application ads, search ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), video ads, display ads, etc. Also, the professionals at a good firm will be proficient in many digital marketing strategies and techniques to connect businesses and people across the digital space. They’ll know the right ways to present the brand to amplify the business and improve the brand image. Also, their teams use the expertise and training to manage digital advertising marketing campaigns of any level. They also stay updated about recent changes that happen in the online marketing industry.

Outstanding Business Branding,

For any leading full-service digital advertising agency in Bangalore, the expansion of customers’ businesses is the priority. So, through their values, cross-industry knowledge, and expertise; they drive internet traffic, transform website audiences into potential clients. This augments business sales. They ensure their clients yield high ROI and sustainable revenue growth. Thus, their efforts help a business get quality leads that aids in the expansion of their clientele.

Customized Marketing Strategy

A digital advertising strategy is successful only if it generates good returns. The digital marketing specialists at every ad firm in Bangalore understand it. So, they have dedicated teams of professionals that ensure that clients’ websites reach the top ranks on search engine web pages and drive the desired amount of business. Also, they understand the needs and goals of each business and offer customized packages to suit start-ups’ needs without sacrificing the desired outcome. After performing diverse research, they develop the best digital advertising strategy using the right channels and tools. The resultant strategy is a mix of different marketing strategies that aim at enhancing the performance of campaigns. By the end of the day, they define strategies that help deliver an incredible outcome to a business.

Assures Customer Satisfaction

Assures Customer Satisfaction Top media advertising agencies in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks work towards strengthening integrated marketing campaigns to add value to businesses. This helps the businesses connect quickly to their target audience. In this way, they strive for maximum customer retention and satisfaction. They also work with an intention of enhancing the brand value of the business and take it to millions of people. To accomplish this aim, they continuously work towards analyzing, conceptualizing, and strategizing every digital campaign. A majority of such firms allocate a dedicated campaign manager for each client. He/she deals with the client’s queries and updates them about the progress of the work.

Exposes a Business to Talented Professionals of a good advertising firm in Bangalore

One of the most important features of a good digital advertising agency in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks is that they’ll have in-house teams of highly skilled individuals. On this basis, they perform extensive research and use knowledge of varied technology platforms and online user behavior to generate an optimum outcome. They not only create good leads but also take the clients’ businesses to new heights. These professionals understand that each business is distinctive and has its own marketing needs. Considering this, they deliver tailor-made digital solutions to suit the requirements of each client. They encourage open feedback and communication to increase audience engagement and productivity of a business.

From 25th Hour Folks creative advertising agency in Bangalore, you can expect the following additional benefits:

We advertise the businesses in both digital and outdoor spaces.

This expands the prospects of ad campaigns from the digital marketing space to the nook and corner of the offline market. This also helps a business to attract more customers, along with ensuring that the existing customers keep coming back in search of more. It ultimately amplifies business sales, all the while expanding the business.
Advertising agency in Bangalore

Our advertisement agency in Bangalore provides fresh, insightful, and impactful advertising solutions to convey the brand’s message to the people.

We establish the highest standards to deliver work that is curated strategically and creatively. Our advertising strategy encompasses a wide range of social, online, and traditional mediums to develop 360° advertising campaigns to reach customers.

The professionals at our digital advertising agency in Bangalore think critically and perform strategically.

This helps them to deliver an impeccable service that is responsive, quick, and flexible. Our professionals also specialize in building brands through strategic invention. They create connections between brands and customers.

Through their creativity, our teams can generate unique, engaging, and interesting ads that are not repetitive.

The in-house team of advertising experts and advertising freelancers in Bangalore at 25th Hour Folks comprises brand strategists and graphic designers. They use an advanced level of marketing research skills for scheming the best level of filming solutions for businesses.

The professionals at our high-quality, cheap advertising agency in Bangalore work with a tactical approach to advertise a service or a product to maximize engagement among the audience.

They form personalized campaigns to ensure maximum market reach. They also provide state-of-the-art marketing solutions to help our clients find potential buyers.

By establishing our clients’ authority in the market, our service assists in the customer base’s growth of start-ups.

Our advertising firm carefully plans and executes marketing that makes it beneficial for start-up firms. With the usage of the right set of tools, we assist in the growth of start-ups. Our inbound marketing strategy helps in generating qualified leads for our startup clients’ businesses.

Top advertising agencies in Bangalore follow these steps while executing campaigns:

Top advertising agencies in Bangalore follow these steps while executing campaigns: It is difficult to develop a perfect advertising strategy for a business. It requires plenty of critical brainstorming, planning, and strategic execution. A comprehensive advertising strategy involves a broad variety of skills. A project manager, marketing specialist, content strategist, SEO specialist, graphic designer, and front-end developer occupies an agency’s primary roles. The content strategist at TV advertising agencies in Bangalore helps to create engaging content. The project manager ensures it meets the requirements of participating divisions. He serves as a link between the advertising team and the remaining departments of the company. Graphic designers create appealing ads that help convey the business’s message to the public. SEO specialists improve the online visibility of the company. Marketing specialists work hard to promote a business service/product. Front-end developers form call to action (CTA), develop landing webpages, implement data into the website, and develop pop-ups to use in the project.

Following is the standard process implemented by non-magazine advertising agencies in Bangalore to optimize the digital presence of a business:

Understanding the Personality of Buyers:

The professionals at the advertising firm understand the distinctive needs of the buyers. They also find out each buyer’s age, geographical location, and income group to deliver customized digital solutions.

Identifying Objectives:

Once they learn about the buyers, they assess the business goals and develop essential advertising strategies.

Examining the Market:

The next step is to examine the current economic situation. The marketers will assess the state of the market to get the inputs for ad creation.

Choosing the Best Technology Tools and Advertising Channels:

Based on the ad’s requirement, the digital or TV advertising agencies in Bangalore decide the right type of technology tools to use in its creation. For ad filmmaking, animated characters, embellishment, shading, sound, etc. together make extraordinary campaigns. They also define the most effective channels for ad marketing, such as social media and websites.

Providing Timelines:

The next step in advertising campaign creation is to create timelines. It will help a business realize the expected marketing goals and compute the performance at periodic time intervals.

Reviewing and Gathering Feedback from the clients of the creative advertising agency in Bangalore:

Once the ad designing work is completed, the non-magazine advertising agencies in Bangalore will deliver the creation for review and analysis. Based on the client’s feedback, it may require them to perform necessary amendments till it meets the desired expectations. Once the ad is approved, they upload it on the specified marketing channels.

Also, check out our offices in the following locations…


This is one place that has lots of importance in Bangalore. With attractions like Madiwala lake, this small neighborhood is a favorite shooting spot for every good quality, a cheap advertising agency in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks.

MG Road:

This is one of the most youthful areas of Bangalore, along with Brigade Road. This youthful nature of the place gives ample opportunities for ad firms to do ad film shoots.

Rajaji Nagar:

This area has a proper mix of residential and commercial feel. The commercial aspect of Rajajinagar is enough to make it a top choice for media firms.


Dotted with ad agencies and studios, this highly developed area in Bangalore is a must-visit place.


This is a small suburb in Bangalore. But then, the area also has many famous post-production studios that cater to advertising filmmakers. This has convinced 25th Hour Folks (The best advertising agency in Bangalore) to set up an office in this locality.