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“As per studies, in all the South Indian states, they observed a sudden rise in the number of media outlets and advertising expenditure in 2018” Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. Being a metropolitan city, Trivandrum is a bustling center for advertising and related activities. And that makes this land known for many top advertising agencies. So, let’s look at what an advertising agency in Trivandrum / marketing agency in Trivandrum is all about in a nutshell. 

Importance of a cheap advertising agency in Trivandrum

A cinema advertising agency in Trivandrum or advertising agencies works with clients to create advertising and marketing campaigns based on their business needs. They play an essential role in the success of a business. They will work with the client to create better brand awareness and good credibility in the market. An advertising agency is essential for a business because of the following reasons.

More experience

Top advertising agencies in Trivandrum will have more experience of using various advertising channels. They know how to approach the market based on the type of your business. This market knowledge and expertise will help them create effective advertising campaigns that can bring significant results for your brand.

Valuable service

An advertising agency in Trivandrum will have the experience of handling different projects. They will have a good connection with media groups, and this association will help a brand reduce the cost of the advertisement. Having firm support from an advertising agency will help a brand publish its advertisements on more effective channels with less cost.

Outsider view

When brands try to handle advertising in-house, it is hard to provide an overall outsider perspective about your brand. They might have more knowledge about your brand, but they can influence it. An advertising agency will give a fresh outsider view that can help your brand to grow and crack great opportunities. It is always a good practice to think from an outsider’s perspective to make your campaign work better.


Developing an advertising campaign needs a lot of creativity and marketing knowledge. A good digital marketing agency in Trivandrum will only hire people who have experience in handling different advertisements and campaigns. They will give a real-time analysis of the market and audience to business. It will help them create an effective marketing campaign to gain maximum visibility for your brand.

Value of time

A top digital marketing company in Trivandrum values the time of their clients. They know how to create an effective advertising campaign in a limited time. Advertisement agencies have experience working on different campaigns and can easily predict the time required to complete a task. They use best practices for your business to give it maximum visibility.

Types of advertisement agency services in Trivandrum offered by 25th Hour Folks

Advertisement services in Trivandrum / an advertising firm in Trivandrum deal with services to improve the visibility of a brand among the target audience. Agencies are of two types, such as full-service agencies and specialized agencies. They use different marketing strategies to promote a brand, like an email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, etc. Here are some popular services you can get from an advertising agency in Trivandrum.

Public relation-:

This is a type of service that is useful for those brands who want to create a public image about their business. PR agencies and a good social media marketing company in Trivandrum will handle all the communication between the company and the public. They write/distribute press releases, write speeches, pitches writing about the firm, and send them to clients directly. 

Creative advertisements by an advertising company in Trivandrum-:

Creative advertisement is a type of service where an agency helps create a campaign that tells a brand story. They will help a brand perform many functions, such as strategic planning, designing, technology support, and media interaction. 

Digital marketing-:

Digital marketing is a type of advertising service where an agency will create strategies to promote a brand through various digital marketing channels. The most popular digital marketing strategies are social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, lead nurturing, website development, etc. 

Social media marketing-:

Social media is a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their customers. It is an advertising service for brands to create social media campaigns/advertisements to connect with their customers. 


Branding is a type of service that is useful to create a new brand. A top advertising agency in Trivandrum will help to develop a brand by designing a new brand logo, website, and symbols. It will make the brand more identifiable in the market. They will create a brand strategy, then create a brand identity and marketing of the brand.

Traditional advertising-:

Agencies will work on traditional advertisements, such as print media, billboards, and local flyers. This type of advertising is suitable for local businesses to spread their name among their local customers. 

Media buying agency-:

The media buying agency will have contacts with all popular media channels. They will help a brand publish its advertisement by handling all media interactions. They can identify the time frame, budget, and best digital channels to publish advertisements about a brand to attain maximum reach.


This type of service deals with marketing research and analysis. The best advertising agency in Trivandrum will have a team dedicated to analyze the current marketing trends and technologies. These results will help a brand create effective strategies to get maximum return on their investment. 

Features of the best advertising agency in Trivandrum (25th Hour Folks ad agency)

When you search online, there may be many advertising agencies in Trivandrum. But how can you find a reliable advertising agency to promote your brand? There are certain features you can check while hiring a good, cheap advertising agency in Trivandrum for your business, such as 

Quality work

Before hiring an advertising agency for your brand promotion/marketing operation, you can go through their portfolio to check their previous projects. If these projects look exciting and unique, then the agency has the potential to create a successful advertisement for your brand. A fresh content idea can win the audience over any other marketing skill. If the advertising agency in Trivandrum agency has nothing new to offer, you may have to find another agency for your project.

Experienced staff

The success of an advertising agency depends on the skill and experience of their staff. They should be able to work as a team to create effective strategies for their clients. When you hire an advertising agency, check their experience in copywriting, marketing, sales, and analytics. An agency can create successful advertisements if there are experienced staff from various areas of advertising. 


Data can play a crucial role in the success of a marketing campaign. An advertising agency should use data to analyze the market and the target customers while creating new advertising strategies for their clients. They should be able to use new technology and tools to do their marketing analytics for better results. Using this data, an agency will do industry research and competitive analysis to deliver an effective advertising campaign for its client. You can confirm their proficiency in data management and analytics before hiring an agency.

Client support

Client support is something every business will check while they hire an agency to manage their promotional task. A reliable advertising agency in Trivandrum should provide quality service to their clients. They are answerable to all questions from the client promptly. Good communication between the team and clients will help an agency build a strong business relationship. Before hiring an agency, you need to ensure that they will back you up during all stages of the project, as per the business needs.


It is always a good idea to check reviews and testimonials before hiring an advertising agency. You can tell Google reviews or their website to understand their quality of service. Customers always leave a review if they like the service from an agency. Please keep in your mind that you may also find paid reviews. Genuine customer reviews cover positive and negative aspects of their service. But paid reviews mostly highlight positive things. The best way to find the quality of their advertisement works is from real customer reviews and testimonials.

Benefits of hiring our Advertising agency in Trivandrum

Advertising services in Trivandrum can offer you many advantages over managing everything in-house. The internal marketing team needs to invest a lot of time to make the strategies more effective. Here are the benefits of having an advertising agency to manage your ad campaign.

Improve your returns on investment

When you work with an advertising agency in Trivandrum, you can fasten up the ad campaign creation process. They will work with you in creating campaigns by considering your target audience and the latest marketing trends. After designing good quality advertisements, they will also be there for you to negotiate for better advertising rates, develop marketing strategies, and track your results. They will have an obvious idea of marketing value, materials, advertising time, and online channels for your ad promotion. This knowledge and experience will help you to get the maximum return on your investment.

Different marketing approach

An advertising agency will handle multiple projects at the same time. They know the channels you should focus on, the best time to launch a campaign, and the best way to convey a message. New marketing strategies like using digital media channels for your brand promotion can help you grow your customer base in the crowded market. Agencies will always provide you an outsider perspective with unique business campaign ideas. Brands can take advantage of the agency’s experience in creating a more powerful advertising campaign that works for your brand. 

Specialized knowledge and resources

An advertising agency in Trivandrum will do their marketing research before designing a campaign to get information about competitors and the potential for business growth. They know how to use each strategy as per the target audience to provide a better return. When you choose the right advertising agency, you can use almost all the services from them. The internal team from the advertising agency handles tasks such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing. 

Saves your time 

Managing advertising campaigns in-house may consume a lot of time from the internal marketing team. It needs a lot of marketing research and hard work to create a good advertisement for your brand. The advertising agency will work in a time-bounded environment. They will set a particular schedule to finish a project. By following this schedule, the agency will guarantee to complete your project and deliver it to you on time. Outsourcing ad campaign creation to an external agency will allow the internal business team to concentrate on other essential marketing tasks. 

Steps used by our advertising agency in Trivandrum

Advertising agencies in Trivandrum follow a workflow to manage the advertisement creation process. This workflow will help them manage the time and quality of the work effectively. Steps involved in an advertisement creation process are:

Initial discussions

During this stage, the advertising agency team will meet with the client-side business team to know their project requirements. They will discuss various essential points regarding the advertising campaign, such as the project goal, the client’s expectations, available time frame, and the brand story. The agency team can use this data to provide more creative input that matches the expectations of the client. 

Project design

After the client meeting, the creative team will have an internal review meeting to discuss various aspects of the project and its scope. Every member involved in the project will attend this meeting to provide their expert opinion regarding the project execution. Based on it, the team will design the project by following a particular schedule. The end goal is to create an advertising campaign that meets client expectations within the time.

Project execution

After the project design part completes, next comes the execution part. It is where the actual ad creation process begins. Depending on the type of advertisement service, the agency team will start the process of ad creation. They need to follow the schedule on the project design to complete the work on time. After the project finishes, the account manager will check the end product and approve it before submitting it to the client. If he recommends any correction, the team will rework it. Then the project will go to the client-side for their approval. If the client approves the project, then the agency will publish the ad. Otherwise, they will have to rework the project until it gets approval from the client.

Publishing and analysis

It is the last step where the agency publishes the ad campaign on various platforms. Once after publishing, they have to do their analytics to see the result of their campaign. Agency uses any marketing analytics tool to find out the reception of their campaign to know if the strategy worked. If the result is not coming up as expected, the agency will change the advertising campaign to make it work as required. After reaching the expectation of the client, the agency will sign off on the project.

Some important places in Trivandrum, known for advertising agencies are:


This is a small town known for its pristine beach and the constant film shoots that happen around. Definitely worth a visit for any film professional /established advertising agency in Trivandrum.


Yet another place in Trivandrum, which is famous for its beautiful beach, Kovalam boasts of the presence of some highly professional advertising agencies.


This small municipality is well-known for its unique food culture that offers an irresistible feast to any tourist who steps on its soil. With a cozy climate, they have also known this town for many media-related activities that happen often. 


This place is a highly developed industrial area in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. And that makes it apt for every good advertising agency in Trivandrum to set up branches and run their business successfully in Neyyattinkara.

Advertising agency in Trivandrum