Corporate video production company in Bangalore

Everything you need to know about corporate video production company in Bangalore

Video marketing is getting popular nowadays. Brands now use videos to communicate with their target audience. They are spending a lot of money to improve their brand visibility online. Corporate videos are one of the most commonly used advertisement services available from marketing video production services. When you search online you might find a corporate video production company in Bangalore. But it is hard to find a digital video production company in Bangalore that can produce quality content that works among the target audience. This article will help you to understand everything about a reliable corporate video production company in Bangalore. 

What is a corporate video?

Starting a videography business is easy. But before that you need to know everything about the business. 

Corporate videos are a popular type of marketing video content created for businesses, companies, corporations, and organizations. Corporate film production companies in Bangalore / a full service production company convey much more than just selling a product/ service. It usually tries to sell a business as a whole. Corporate video production companies produce compelling corporate promotional videos that help to promote a better brand awareness without directly advertising the product/service. These videos are used for training, marketing, instructional, and safety videos. Corporate video contents are beneficial to improve better brand awareness and trust within the target audience.

Different types of corporate videos from a corporate video production company in Bangalore

When you want to know more about corporate videos, you need to get an idea about various production company services. When it comes to corporate promotional video production, you need to find the suitable type that you need for your business. Each type of video production services in Bangalore serves a different purpose.  You need to hire a corporate video production agency in Bangalore that offers the service that you need for your brand promotion. A full service video production company offers you the following types of corporate videos. 

Company profile video -:

A company profile video is a type of promo video production that shows the company’s information, history, and message from the CEO. Corporate film production companies create an overview of the company’s products and services to attract their target audience. These corporate explainer videos help people to understand more about the company and create better brand awareness.

Social media video -:

Social media video production company is an effective marketing tool that highlights brands more than its product and service. Digital video agency create short videos to attract a niche-specific group of customers to spread the brand messages through social media platforms. Social media videos are known as the most effective production house service among other types. 

Branding video -:

Digital production companies make branding videos to build better brand awareness and increase brand visibility. Corporate brand video needs to have consistency in color and visuals.  Company brand videos create a better brand identity and an increase in brand awareness will also help to generate loyal customers for your brand. Brand video makers can work with your brand to project your brand in a better way to attract more audience towards that. 

Testimonial video:

Testimonial videos are one of the most popular and effective corporate video production company services. It is the best way to engage existing customers as well as attract new customers to your brand. A video production firm will shoot testimonial videos that explain the best features of a product/service from actual customers. Testimonial videos created by best explainer video production companies help to improve trust and familiarity towards a brand.

Event videos-:

Event video company helps to cover event videos that happen within the industry. Event video production services will brand help to establish thought leadership. Live event video production company covers live events happening in the company and will stream it through video streaming services. YouTube production companies offer live event coverage and telecasting services for their clients. 

Animation videos-:

Animated promotional video production is the best way to explain a complex business concept simply. An animated explainer video agency will convey the brand message through interesting animation characters and background music to engage the target customers. If you see some best animated explainer videos, all of them are created in such a way to explain the message in simple and meaningful ways to connect with the audience. Different types of animation explainer video production houses include whiteboard animation video company, 2D and 3D animation video company. Searching for “video makers near me” is a great way to find companies offering such services.

Training videos-:

There are educational video companies out there to produce training videos for brands. It helps customers or employees to teach something. Corporate video production companies create tutorials/training videos for educational purposes because more than 72% of customers prefer to watch videos compared to training materials. Product video production company can create demo videos for a brand to educate the target audience. You can find a reliable corporate video production company in Bangalore by checking the best video producers near me online.

Music videos / music video production services-:

Music video agency creates professional music videos for their clients. You can use search term music video production companies near me to find agencies near you.  Involve best music video production companies or YouTube video production services to help you in creating catchy music videos.  Music video content company will work with their clients to showcase their talents and publish professional music videos on video streaming platforms like YouTube. There are commercial production houses and YouTube video production houses out there that specialize in creating catchy music videos for individuals and brands. Try to short a reliable agency from top music video production companies in Bangalore. You can also check music video producers near me or music video director near me or even music video studio near me to get contact of music video production service in Bangalore.

What are the qualities of a best corporate video production service in Bangalore? 

When you search for a professional video production services in Bangalore, you might see hundreds of results. All these corporate film production houses offer the same kind of web video production services. Most corporate production companies advertise themselves as full service video production agencies to impress their client. But in actual cases, they might not have the experience and expertise to handle all of them. In such a situation, how are you going to find a top production company in Bangalore? Companies that need video production can check a few things before hiring a corporate video production service in Bangalore. 

Quality of their work

First and foremost, the feature you need to check while hiring a video-making agency in Bangalore should be their quality of work. When you hire a corporate video production for business, they will show their portfolio with previous work they did. This portfolio will give you a clear understanding of the quality of the work the videography agency does for their clients. You can check their video production sites to find out more information about the previous projects they did. Check whether the video shooting company used good equipment to shoot the video and how they can engage the audience. If you can connect with the concept and find it unique, that means they have the potential to create quality content.

Cost of production

Corporate video production costs can vary based on the type of video service you want for your business. Motion graphics corporate videos might cost more compared to any other sort of video. When you choose a video maker for business and brands, have a clear idea about the budget before hiring them. Choose the type of video you want and compare the price of the video with different promotional video agency to get a better grip on your budget. 

Talented team members

Commercial video production agency employ talented content creators and technicians to handle the project of their clients. You can verify the experience and knowledge of the team members associated with your project to confirm their eligibility. Content creators of a professional video production company should have a clear idea about the market. The production firm need to update themselves whenever required because new technologies are getting introduced day by day. So, it is a good idea to ensure the expertise of the team members before starting the actual project for a better result.


Business video production services should value the time of their client. Best video production services follow a workflow to manage their project well. They will work extra hard to meet the timeline and deliver the project on time. The best way to understand their timeliness is by checking the time they take to get back to you whenever you have any questions. If you feel like they are taking too much time or not answering your question, it is better to go for other corporate video producers. 


You cannot measure the creativity of a viral video production company unless you see any of their previous work. All creative video production company will show you their past work samples on a portfolio. There is another way to check their video production company profile for any previous works. Always give priority to the quality of their work rather than the number of projects they did. If you can find their portfolio attractive and appealing, that agency is a suitable choice for you.

What are the benefits of hiring a corporate video production company in Bangalore?

Many brands might think of in-house video production to save their budget. That is not a good solution if you are looking for a good return on your investment. You need to choose the best commercial video production service that can create good influential videos. Hiring a business video production companies can bring you many benefits like-:

Saves your time

In-house video production is not an easy task.  In-house teams need to manage a lot of internal marketing tasks in addition to this video creation process. It is a field that requires a lot of research and experience. You might need to train your staff with new software and technologies to make them eligible for this task. It is not required when you hire a professional agency. This way, hiring the best commercial video companies will save a lot of time and provide you better value for the money you spend. 

Saves your money

In-house production can be expensive when you do it with people who don’t have any experience in this field. Hiring a corporate film company will save you money because they know how to handle your project within the given budget. With the knowledge and experience of an explainer video studio in handling different projects, they can finish your project within your budget. You will also save money for hiring and training your internal staff to enable them to do this task.

Guaranteed outcome

Marketing video production company usually guarantee their outcome. When they create company promo videos for your brand, they know how to produce one to give you the expected result. A corporate video production company in Bangalore will use all marketing channels to promote your video and thereby increase its visibility. If the video performance goes wrong, they will rework to make suitable changes if required for a better outcome. They take complete responsibility to market your video and ensure to provide you the best output. 

Get experience and expertise. 

Corporate video production will provide you both experience and expertise together. They might have experience in working on so many similar projects. Their experience will help them to create quality projects without any flaws. Best explainer video companies know what works and whatnot in the market. Ecommerce video maker will have the knowledge and background in the field that are valuable to produce great content for your marketing. TV advert production companies / a good TVC production house / best commercial production companies can also take care of such a requirement. 


When you search for a corporate video production company in Bangalore, follow the above steps to find the best production agency. It is all about the quality of their work and how well they create a video based on your expectation. You will see the positive reviews on best video production websites. Do not blindly choose a corporate video production agency in Bangalore as the quality of production can be different in each place.  Choosing a reliable corporate video production company in Bangalore won’t be that hard if you have a clear idea about what you want in your mind. Have complete trust in the video making agency and involve in every stage of the project to create best company promotional videos. 


How much does a corporate video cost?

Production cost of a digital video marketing agency can vary based on the type of video you choose for your business. The cost of production depends on many factors like time needed for corporate video shoot, filming location, voice-overs, artists, technology, corporate video marketing cost, etc. In house video production might cost you more than hiring a corporate video making company.  For example, motion graphics corporate video is costly compared to other types.   You are deciding the budget, and the agency will create content that fits your budget.

Does a marketing video production service produce commercials?

In addition to company corporate videos, some production agencies will provide video production for commercials. Or else you can approach a tv ad production company that specializes in video production for commercials. You will be able to find the best tv commercial production companies in Bangalore to create an advertising film for your brand promotion. 

How long will it take to complete a video from a corporate video production company in Bangalore?

The length of production house services may change depending upon the service you want for your business. The project duration may depend on the type of service, complexity, scripting, approvals, etc. Online marketing video makers need enough time for planning, scripting, and execution of the video. 

What is the use of video post production services?

There are film editing companies that can approach to edit your video at any point of time. They are specialized in adding required elements to your video and make it ready for your campaign. 

Is it possible to do revisions after completing a video?

Creative video production companies will let you know their terms and conditions before signing up for a project. Some local video production companies offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the end product and some others give at least two revisions without additional cost. You can ask this question to the creative video productions ltd before starting your project to avoid any future confusion.

What are different types of corporate video production?

There are YouTube video production company, corporate film production services, music video production houses, educational video production companies, film production agency, tv ad production companies, educational video company, explainer animation studio etc. You might want to pick a full service video production or niche-specific agency as per your business needs.