​How to choose a good video production company in Bangalore?

Video is known as one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums online. Companies now realize that videos are one of the highly effective marketing tools to create brand awareness. While creating marketing videos, it should be done with correct planning and distribution strategy by a best marketing video maker. Brands need to find a perfect video production house to launch a new marketing campaign for their product. You may find a lot of video production companies in Bangalore. But the million-dollar questions here will be the way to find the best video production company in Bangalore to create an effective advertising strategy for your brand promotion. Most companies do not want to spend their money on corporate production companies that can’t deliver the expected result. So, there are certain things you can check while choosing top video production companies to handle your advertising campaign. This guide will help you find the right video production companies in Bangalore (For all your video making company related needs including normal explainer video company needs, animated explainer video company needs, corporate video production needs, music video studio needs, animated video agency needs, etc).

What are different services offered by a video production company in Bangalore?

Production companies in Bangalore handle various types of video production based on marketing needs. Before knowing how to choose the right corporate video makers for your business, you need to decide the type of service you want from a creative video agency. Also, you need to select where you are going to publish the video. Will the videos be on social media platforms or any video streaming platform? Are you going to publish them on your website?

Types of video production services include:

Corporate video production-:

A corporate video production company mainly works with brands to create a better reputation and online presence for your brand. A corporate video maker creates videos that mainly focus on the goals and mission of a brand without directly promoting products/services. You can use corporate video production services to engage your customers and grow your business.

Explainer video production-:

Explainer video agencies create small descriptive videos that show a product or service. Brands usually use explainer video services to create brand awareness simply and understandably. An explainer video production company will create compelling promotional video and post them on a landing page, the homepage of the website, and product pages.

Brand video production-:

Brand videos are helpful to define the identity of a brand. Customers can easily connect with a brand through branding videos and improve their business. Besides that, best brand videos will help to generate customer loyalty, the attention of the audience, and better brand credibility in the market.

Animated explainer video production-:

Animated corporate videos are one of the most popular, engaging marketing video that conveys a brand story more comprehensively. An animated explainer video production company is specialized in creating compelling brand stories with the help of animation and graphics. There are video animation company that help to create compelling animated content that explains your brand story to your target audience. Animated marketing video production is useful to show complex business ideas and concepts without simply telling how your products/services work.

Music video production-:

Music video production companies work with their clients to create compelling music videos that showcase their talent. If an artist can release quality music videos on YouTube with the help of a music video company, it can increase their popularity and improve their career. You can use the search terms like best’ music videographer near me’ on search engines to find out the best production agency near you.

Event video production-:

An event video production company will cover various events, conferences, panel discussions, product launches, and so on. Brands can use corporate event video production to improve the online presence, branding, reputation, and the number of followers.

Advertising video production-:

There are tv commercial production companies that only deal with television advertisement. A commercial video production company can create ad films that can capture the attention of the target audience easily. TV commercial production services create ads / digital ads that can convince the good qualities of a brand imaginatively and thoughtfully. An ad film maker from an agency creating advertising videos is beneficial to draw the audience’s attention and to bring more conversion to your business.

Social media video production-:

Creative video production companies can create videos to promote a brand through social media channels. Here the video-marketing company will do their research to find out the target audience of a brand. They will design and distribute corporate films that can create a better brand awareness on the social media channels that are popular among the target audience for better reach.

Training video production-:

Training video production companies creates video to teach some point. It teaches someone to do something. There are agencies who are specialized in corporate training video production. Companies mainly use training videos for employee onboarding, product training, compliance training, and so on. Training videos created by corporate video services can help to increase engagement and build better brand credibility.

How to choose a good production company in Bangalore?

When you try to find the best video production company few questions come to your mind. When you search video production company near me you might come up with a lot of results online. If you see the website of most of the video production company in Bangalore, they all promise to offer you quality service. But how can you find out the best production agency who works on commercial video production that can satisfy your expectation? Here are the factors you can check before hiring a video production company in Bangalore.

Check their production quality

You need to check the quality of the video agency before hiring them. In this world of competition, good quality work can make your brand stand out in the market. You can check the quality of their corporate videos on the promotional video company’s website and see if they can meet your requirement. Quality of production is more important than the number of their previous works. If their headshots come with poor lighting using low-quality equipment, you can ignore that video content agency from your list. In a professional setting, you need to get maximum value for the money you spend. Moreover, a top video production company should satisfy their client’s requirements.

Check reviews and client testimonials

Client testimonials are an essential aspect of a video production agency in Bangalore. You can check reviews and testimonials about the quality of advertising production companies online. It will clearly show how they work with their clients and how they can match their client’s expectations. Satisfied customers always try to leave feedback about the service quality of the top explainer video companies. Most creative video agencies will include client testimonials and reviews on the landing page of their production house website. If you cannot find any feedback about the video company, try to find some other best production companies for your marketing campaign.

Check whether the production agency meets your expectations

Before starting the production work, the agency will meet with the client to understand their expectations and requirements. A good video production company in Bangalore should be able to execute the project as per the client’s need. Also, they should be able to keep up the timeline as promised while committing a project. Timeliness is something that helps you understand the commitment of the agency towards its clients. If you are experiencing delays in communication with a video production studio, it is not a good idea to choose such a video-making company to do your brand promotion. A good video marketing agency should value the time and needs to work hard to meet their client’s expectations.

Check the professional qualification of their technicians

Video production agencies usually employ technicians who have experience in handling projects from various industries. While choosing a video production studio in Bangalore, you need to check the qualifications of the technicians who work in the company. Video production is a field where experience matters a lot. Corporate film makers in Bangalore will have the knowledge of the latest trends and technologies and can create effective marketing campaigns that can engage the target audience. A start-up video production service might not have professionals with such experience in this field. So, always go for an experienced explainer video company that handled successful marketing campaigns for the best result.

Compare the cost of production

You can compare the cost of various corporate video production agencies in Bangalore to get a better understanding of the budget. Each production agency charges you differently based on the type of service and time required to complete the project. Production cost can be more than what you expect, but you need to consider the value of what you will get out of it.

Check the portfolio of the video production company in Bangalore

All professional video production companies will have a portfolio to show their clients. They will include all their previous works in this portfolio to impress their clients. You should look at the video company profile to see if their work matches your expectations. If you can connect with their ideas and find them unique, then the agency has the potential to create quality professional videos. When you pick a corporate video production in Bangalore, it is better to go through their previous work and make sure they can bring unique and fresh ideas to engage the target audience before committing.

Check their passion for your project

In a creative video content marketing agency, passion is something that drives the growth of a business. A good video agency should be passionate about the work they do for their client. When you interact with the agency, check how they interact with you to know their interest in the project.

 Does the corporate video production agency have an interest in your project? 

  • Are they suggesting unique ideas for your video?
  • Do they take part well in the initial discussion stage?
  • Are they trying to get more information about your goals and expectations?

When you notice all these factors, you will understand their passion for your project. A good corporate video production house values their client and works hard to keep them satisfied throughout the process.

And last but not the least, check their proximity with your business. When searching, always look out for production house, video production companies, video production services, and video production studios “near me.”


1) What are the stages of a video production process?

We can divide corporate film production process into three stages, such as

Pre-production-: This is where the agency will interact with the client to understand the project requirement. Based on that, they will create a project plan with video outline, script and project schedule.

Production-: This is where the filming process happens. The entire team will shoot the video based on the schedule and complete the work. All best video production companies will be well equipped to handle this stage for a wide range of video types.

Post-production-: once after video creation the next stage will be editing and crafting the video with suitable graphics, background music, voice overs, etc. Once the client approves the video, it will get published on various digital channels.

2) What are the corporate videography services produced by an agency?

There are full-service and niche-specific agencies (Such as animated video production companies). When you search the website of a web video production company, you might see a list of companies like animated video production services, explainer video production services, commercial video production services, etc. You can ask this question to find out whether they create videos that fit your business needs.

3) What will be the size of the crew an agency uses for filming?

The size of the crew depends on the type of project they are working on. Videos like interviews and case studies require just a corporate videographer to shoot. But most corporate video companies try to include a director, a videographer, and an interviewer for such projects. For complex film requirements, commercial production companies might need extra staff like sound engineers, camera operators, and other crew members based on the requirement.

Also, the type and location of the company (Corporate video production company in Bangalore, Explainer video company in Bangalore, ad film making agency in Chennai etc) too plays a key role in deciding the size of the crew.

4) What tools business video production services use for filming and editing?

You can easily understand the tools and technology they use for filming and editing. It will give a clear picture of the budget.  You can make sure that the videography company uses the best editing software and quality cameras to create the video. Knowing the equipment will help you archive and do any fixes later if required. There is editing software like Codec that allows reducing the cost of production.

5) How a corporate video agency handles project revisions?

Asking this question will help you clear your expectations of the company. While sharing the project flow, they will involve you in the process of video creation. You should hire a content production company that provides at least two revisions at every stage of video production to ensure better quality.

6) Can a corporate production / video production company in Bangalore deliver the video within the deadline and budget?

Promotional video production company workflow is different based on the type of service you choose. But once you decide on the video for your brand promotion, the agency will give an approximate timeline and budget required for that video. A best production house will stick to the budget and timeline they gave before starting the project unless they face any unexpected changes in the plan.

Consider the above points when you plan to hire a video production company in Bangalore. Ultimate point is that you need to feel comfortable working with a video marketing company and have confidence in their ability to create quality marketing videos. There are more factors than the cost of production like quality, production process, marketing tactics, etc. Keep in your mind that just choosing any corporate video production company in Bangalore will not guarantee quality production. Choose a video production company in Bangalore that can create quality marketing videos to engage your target customers and provide better ROI for your business.

And we the people at 25th Hour Folks always keep in mind these points, so that we can service our clients well and meet their expectations. No wonder that our clients consider us as the best video production company in Bangalore!

Best video production company in Bangalore
Best video production company in Bangalore