Corporate Video Production Company In Bangalore

Corporate videos and corporate films are an effective way to promote brand values. Brands can increase their sale without directly promoting any product or service. You can get a corporate video production company in Bangalore to create marketing videos for your business. If you have not tried that option yet, you are wasting your opportunity to attract your target audience. You can easily hire the best corporate video production company in Bangalore by following this guide.

Corporate video production company in Bangalore

Importance of 25th Hour Folks corporate video production company in Bangalore

Production companies in Bangalore can help you grow your business. There are professional agencies that can manage the video creation process and channelize effectively. Here is why a corporate video production company is essential for your business.

Unique project ideas-:

An outsider agency can bring unique project ideas for your corporate video production. We are handling different projects at a time and know-how to approach each project for the best result. Our talented team members will come up with unique ideas that can make your corporate video stand out among the competition in the market.

Best results-:

Professional corporate video service will ensure to provide you the expected result while creating product videos. We know all the new technologies and marketing trends that can make your corporate video stand out in the market. We can also provide videos that engage your customers and encourage them to take the action you want. As a result, you will also be able to see a positive outcome for your marketing efforts.

More opportunities-:

A corporate video production company in Bangalore handles your project by investing an entire team in it. They will do all the research and preparation to design your campaign well. It will also give more opportunity for your internal business team to concentrate on your business development. It will provide more opportunities to grow your business while there is a team to support your marketing efforts.

Better financial management-:

There are video production companies in Bangalore to handle projects of any scale. They can help you manage your budget well and create a good quality advertisement as you want. We have a team of experts from various fields with a project manager. He will handle all the designing, scheduling, and money management to control the budget.

video production company in BangaloreOf Our Advertising Agency In Kerela

You can find a lot of video production companies in Bangalore to work on your project. A good video making company in Bangalore offers several corporate video productions for their clients. Here the popular corporate video production for your business promotion.

Explainer videos and documentaries-:

You need to find a good explainer video company in Bangalore to help you in creating your marketing videos. Explainer videos are mainly beneficial to market the products and services of a business. You can usually see explainer videos on the landing page of your website or product page to engage your customers effectively. Explainer videos are beneficial to build a better brand image and customer base for your business.

Promotional videos-:

Promotional videos are short videos that are used by brands to promote events, sales, or a marketing initiative. Corporate promotional videos are beneficial to promote a specific product or service of a brand. These videos are 60-90 secs videos that can get the audience’s attention and encourage them to take any action. You can hire a good product video maker in Bangalore to create the best promotional videos.

TV commercials-:

TV commercials are the best way for a brand to improve its visibility within its audience. You will find the best film production company in Bangalore to create robust and attention-grabbing marketing videos for your brand promotion. Best commercial videos are powerful to create good brand credibility and chances of having more conversions.

Animation videos-:

Animation videos by animators are suitable to express complicated business ideas engagingly. Brands can use motion graphics to get their audience’s attention and build better brand awareness. You can find the best animated video maker in India from Bangalore to work on your project. There are 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animations you can use for your corporate video.

Event videos-:

Event videos with the usage of drones and other technology are marketing videos that can enhance and embolden your brand message. A good video making agency in Bangalore can cover all events and conferences that happen within your organization. These event videos are the best way for a brand to communicate with its audience and showcase how things happening within the organization. These videos also can

Training videos-:

Training videos are beneficial for a brand to explain a company policy or educate their employees. These videos explain how to do something. There are video production houses who specialize in creating training videos for brands. Training videos used for corporate onboarding, product instruction, and compliance training have many vital and long-lasting benefits for your business growth.

Features of 25th Hour Folks corporate video production company in Bangalore

When you search for the best digital media agencies in Bangalore online, you might see many results. You can use the search term video-making services near me to find the best agencies near you. But how can you trust them and spend your valuable money on some unknown agency? It is not a simple task to find the best corporate video production company in Bangalore. Now you can do that easily by following the below steps.

Check their work background-:

A reliable corporate video service in Bangalore will have a professional portfolio to show their clients. It contains all successful video creation works they did previously for their clients. When you interact with the company, a portfolio is something that will give you a better idea about the quality of the work they do. When you check these works, you will understand whether they can create a video that satisfies your needs.

Positive client reviews-:

When you plan to hire a video production service, you need to check the feedback about the company. Reviews and testimonials from the customers are the best way to understand the quality of service from a brand. Most video production agencies try to include the testimonials and reviews of their clients on their website home page. You can also search on the internet for the feedback of the agency you want to hire. There is a need to hire an agency that cannot satisfy their clients on their previous project.


Production companies in Bangalore value the time of their clients. They will not waste their time by delaying the project unnecessarily. You always need to hire a company that can keep up their timeline and complete the project on time. You can learn about their punctuality during the initial interaction stage and how they respond to your messages. Stay out of the company that does not value your time and business.

Experience matters-:

Experience of the agency is an enormous factor that decides the excellence of a video production company. You need to hire an experienced agency to handle your corporate video creation so that you can see the expected result. Their knowledge and skill in the field and market will enable them to find a suitable concept for your marketing video. They know how to distribute your videos well for a better outcome.


Video production charges can vary based on the type and complexity of the video. You need to find a film production company in Bangalore that can work within your budget. A cheap corporate video production company in Bangalore might not create the type of project you want. Always look for a reliable corporate video production company in Bangalore that can produce good quality work. They know how to manage your finance effectively to create a quality marketing video for your brand promotion.

Benefits of our corporate video production company in Bangalore

Professional corporate video services can be beneficial to make your marketing campaign successful. Search for video makers near me and make a list of video production companies for your project. You need to hire a top corporate video production service in Bangalore, who can work hard and bring benefits like.

  • High-quality videos-:

    A professional corporate video production company in Bangalore brings the best quality videos to your marketing promotion. We will ensure to provide the best insight on planning, story-telling, and editing to produce quality video work. We have all equipment, camera, and software besides the practical skill needed to make your video successful. With the best service, we will also give you the best talents.

  • Better production speed-:

    Multimedia companies in Bangalore can fasten the production process to ensure timely delivery. If you are not an expert on video production and editing, it may take more time to complete the production process. Our professional crew can handle this in a better way to complete your project promptly.

  • Avoid work interruption-:

    A professional video production company saves you valuable time. If you are new to the video production business, you may need to hire professionals and train them to handle the process. It might take a lot of your time and money. You do not have to spend a lot of time creating the project and stress yourself when there are professional agencies out there who can work for you.

  • Guaranteed outcome-:

    Professional film studios in Bangalore will ensure to bring the expected result for their clients. There are the best employees in our firm who know the best way to approach each project. Each of our teams will have a project manager who designs the project as per the client’s needs. Creative experts from our team can bring good video concepts that can outshine your competitor’s videos and give you the actual result.

Steps in services in our Corporate video production firm in Bangalore

Corporate video production companies in Bangalore will follow steps while managing their client’s projects. Our project team will go through three main stages while creating corporate video projects for our clients to ensure better outcomes. Here are those three stages of production.

Client meeting-:

We meet with our clients to know about their project requirements. It is an open discussion where the client will go through their business goals. They will convey their expected outcome from the project

Internal project discussion-:

After collecting the client’s requirements, the project team will have an internal meeting. Here, they will discuss the project resources needed, a concept for the video, and the timeline. Based on the conversation with the team, the manager will design the project.


Now the creative team will review the client’s requirement and come up with various ideas to achieve those goals. Once everyone agrees on a single idea, that writer will start the scripting process.


When the script is complete, the creative team will review that and do any required correction before going to the shooting. The project team will have to collect all resources and equipment needed for the shooting. Also, the team will discuss the locations and actors to complete the shooting location and actors need for the video.


Our creative team will now start the shooting process based on the script. The director will shoot the scenes as per the schedule and complete the video within the timeline.


Post-production process mainly includes the editing process and review. The editor will mix video and audio for the eventual release. Once the editing process completes, the project team will do their internal review before sending it to the client. If they satisfy the business team with the end product, they will send it for client review. The client will check and approve distribution. If the clients need any changes to the video, we do that before the distribution process.

Popular corporate video production company locations in Kerala where 25th Hour Folks has its services focused on

JP Nagar-:

JP Nagar is one of the busy areas in Bangalore. There are many famous short film production houses in Bangalore for your video creation project. They offer many corporate video creation services for your brand promotion.

Indira Nagar-:

Indira Nagar is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Bangalore. The area has many shopping malls and businesses. There are short film producers in Bangalore who have offices in this location. You can also find a good video editing company in Bangalore that does freelance editing services for its clients.

Kalyan Nagar-:

Kalyan Nagar has international brand chains and shopping malls. You can find some best music production houses in Bangalore / a good corporate video production company in Bangalore here. Corporate video production services providers in Kalyan Nagar offer many video production like the promo video, animation videos, event videos, and music videos.


Ulsoor is a beautiful place in Bangalore with lakes, temples, and scenic beauty. You can find some of the best video agencies in India / a top corporate video production company in Bangalore from this area. They offer almost many corporate video production from agencies at this place. The place is also famous for music video production in Bangalore.