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Corporate video production company in Kerala

All about 25th Hour Folks corporate video production company in Kerala 

Corporate videos are beneficial for businesses to create brand awareness and build an online presence. You can hire a reliable corporate video production company in Kerala to do this work for you. They will produce small videos that highlight the brand value rather than the products or services of a company. Before hiring a corporate video production company in Kerala, you need to know a few things about that service. This article will help you to understand more about corporate video companies and how they can help to grow your business.

As per an interesting study, desktop users make up 87% of corporate video viewers.

Importance of our Top Corporate Video Production Company in Kerala

A corporate video production company in Kerala can aid you to create interesting corporate videos for your business promotions. Some businesses think it is a better option to handle video production in-house. But that is not true for running a successful campaign. Here are the benefits you can get by hiring a cheap corporate video production company in Kerala.

Unique outsider perspective

A professional corporate video production company works for their client to find a fresh idea for their corporate video. They will help to find a unique outsider perspective that can lead to new business opportunities. The internal team might have to handle a lot of additional internal marketing tasks. It might not give them enough time to grab all growth opportunities for your business.

Experienced resources

A corporate video production agency in Kerala needs to have a simple idea about current marketing trends and customer’s nature to create a campaign. With their knowledge and experience project team will take the right approach to produce and market your video. It will also ensure maximum reach and the output as you expect.


When a brand tries to handle the corporate video creation internally, they might have to invest a lot of time in planning and executing the video. It is not possible if they do not have a dedicated marketing team for this task. When you hire an agency, they will assign a team to handle your project only. It will save your time and let your internal team concentrate on other essential business tasks.

Quality videos

Quality of production is something that makes your corporate video stand out in the market. A corporate production company will only use high-quality equipment and software to create your video. It will ensure the highest quality videos with the potential to reach the audience as per their client’s expectation.

Types of services by 25th Hour Folks Corporate Video Company in Kerala

When you search for a corporate video company in Kerala, there might be so many results online. All these agencies offer a variety of video creation services for their clients. Each of these services serves different purposes. Brands can pick the type of service they want to use for their marketing promotion from the below list.

Testimonial videos -:

Testimonial video is a popular service that features customer testimonials about the qualities of a brand. Here they will explain how they use the product or service from a brand and how the product helped them to solve their problems. Testimonial videos are beneficial to build good brand credibility and familiarity among the customers.

Social media video -:

Social media videos are highly shareable and increase the popularity of a brand. Brands can use social media to target their customers of social media platforms. Social media videos are one of the most effective marketing tools because of their ability to focus on niche-specific groups.

Branded video -:

Branding videos can play a crucial role in the success of your business. It has to be designed with clear visual elements and color combinations to attract and engage the audience. Brand videos are the best way to increase brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Promotional videos -:

Promotional videos are corporate videos that improve brand awareness among customers. There are ad filmmakers in Kochi, specialized in creating a promotional video that can engage their customers. Promotional videos are better to distribute through digital channels because it is easy to target a specific group of customers.

Event videos-:

Event videos are the best way for a brand to interact with its customers. They can use a digital marketing agency in Kerala to cover any events happening inside the company. It can be a product launch, conferences, meetings, or any other related type of meeting to build a better brand image among the audience.

Demo videos-:

Demo videos are one of the most demanding types of corporate video. Customers want to know more about a product or service before using it. Demo videos will help them understand more about a product. Some agencies offer demo video services to their customers. Hire an agency to improve your brand credibility and online presence.

Animation videos-:

Animated videos are the best way to express complex business ideas simply. There are some popular animation companies in Kochi who can help businesses to create their animated promo videos. Such videos can engage the customers and easily convey business ideas to them. There are 3D animation, 2D animation, and whiteboard animation videos from which you can choose the one you want.

Features of 25th Hour Folks Corporate Video Company in Kerala

A good corporate video production company needs to have characteristics. Every brand wants to hire the best corporate video production company in Kerala to handle their video production project, but it is not a simple task. Businesses need to check these features before hiring a corporate video production firm in Kerala.

Quality of corporate video production-:

A good production agency should produce quality videos for their clients. Brands need quality videos from a production agency. Do not hire a cheap Corporate video production company in Kerala to design your video. An agency needs to use good quality equipment and software while producing videos. When you hire an agency, you need to check the production quality of their previous work.


Punctuality is something that you can look at while hiring the best corporate video production company in Kerala. A brand needs to get their video on time when they spend their money. Brands can check how the agency is interested in your project and their punctuality in responding to emails. Never choose a company that misses your appointment and delays communications.

Experienced staff-:

Experience of the project staff matters a lot in video production. When a brand hires an agency, they need to check the eligibility of the staff involved in the project. With their experience, they can handle your project well making no mistakes. They have a clear vision of the market and how to impress your target customers. It will help them create a successful project for their clients.

Client testimonials-:

Brands need to see the review about an agency / ad film makers in Kochi before choosing their service. If the agency provides excellent service, they will get positive reviews from their clients. A top corporate video production company in Kerala adds client testimonials and reviews of their customers on their website. While reading these reviews, brands can easily understand their quality of service before hiring them.

Benefits of Hiring Our Corporate Video Company in Kerala

Hiring a professional agency is always helpful to design effective marketing campaigns. The in-house production team might not have enough time to concentrate on various marketing processes. Because of this, they cannot see the expected result sometimes. Hiring a corporate video production company gives you the following benefits.

Timesaving -:

In-house production team might not get time to do their research and study to create campaigns. Professional agencies concentrate on one project at a time. So, we will invest time to research and plan the campaign by understanding the target audience and the marketing trends. By doing this, we can ensure maximum return on your investment and increase your sale.

Experienced support-:

A professional video production agency comes with the skill of handling projects of different types. Their expertise will aid them to take the right approach while managing the project. We know where to find talented actors and the best locations to shoot the film. You can learn all these things to create a video. But it will consume a lot of time and money.

Expected result-:

When you hire a professional corporate video production company in Kerala, we have the skill and expertise to handle the project well. When we do our research for the project, it will ensure the complete success of the project.

Saves your money-:

A corporate video production agency in Kerala saves your money because we know how to complete your project within a budget. We have experienced resources and high-quality equipment to handle your project. Also, we know the best software to edit your video well. These might cost you extra money while trying to manage in-house video creation.

Steps in services in our Corporate Video Company in Kerala

Corporate video production is a serious business. Our agency will go through steps while managing each of our client’s projects. The thing about having a workflow is that we can ensure the best quality of service for our clients. Here is the workflow of our corporate video production.

Client meeting-:

We meet with our clients to know about their project requirements. It is an open discussion where the client will go through their business goals. They will convey their expected outcome from the project

Internal project discussion-:

After collecting the client’s requirements, the project team will have an internal meeting. Here, they will discuss the project resources needed, a concept for the video, and the timeline. Based on the conversation with the team, the manager will design the project.


Now the creative team will review the client’s requirement and come up with various ideas to achieve those goals. Once everyone agrees on a single idea, that writer will start the scripting process.


When the script is complete, the creative team will review that and do any required correction before going to the shooting. The project team will have to collect all resources and equipment needed for the shooting. Also, the team will discuss the locations and actors to complete the shooting location and actors need for the video.


Our creative team will now start the shooting process based on the script. The director will shoot the scenes as per the schedule and complete the video within the timeline.


Post-production process mainly includes the editing process and review. The editor will mix video and audio for the eventual release. Once the editing process completes, the project team will do their internal review before sending it to the client. If they satisfy the business team with the end product, they will send it for client review. The client will check and approve distribution. If the clients need any changes to the video, we do that before the distribution process.

Popular corporate video production company locations in Kerala where 25th Hour Folks has its services focused on


Kochi is a busy city with a lot of businesses and scenic places. You can hire the best ad film makers in Kochi / Corporate video production company in Kerala for your corporate video creation. These film production houses in Kochi concentrate on commercial and business film productions for their clients.


Calicut is a city in the northern part of Kerala. The place is famous for its beaches and historical locations. Brands can find the best branding agency in Calicut for their marketing video campaigns. Top advertising firms in Calicut offer almost all video production related services, such as commercial and niche-specific video production related services.


Trivandrum is famous for IT companies, beaches, and historical locations. You can easily find some best ad film companies in Kerala in Trivandrum. You can create the best corporate video in Kerala for your business promotion by hiring one of these agencies.


Kannur is in the northern part of Kerala that is famous for some good corporate advertising agencies. You can easily find a good film production company in Kerala / Corporate video production company in Kerala from Kannur. They offer various promotional video services like explainer videos, animation videos, social media videos and social media marketing, promo videos, product videos, etc.

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