Corporate video production services

All about 25th Hour Folks corporate video production services

Corporate video production services offer support for the brand in planning, designing, executing, and marketing videos for brands. Brands need to focus on video marketing to improve their revenue, brand reach, and influence the buying decision of the customers. You can hire reliable corporate video production services at the below points.

Importance of our corporate video production services

You can hire a corporate video production company to manage your business video production. These agencies are well-equipped and experienced to handle any projects as per your business needs. A corporate video production service provides you with the following benefits.

Give you access to high-quality equipment.

Business video production services will help you provide the best quality videos for brands. They have quality equipment that needs to create HD videos for your marketing. Shooting on a mobile phone or other devices might not be a good idea because that can affect your video quality. Besides good cameras, a production company also got other features like lights, camera stand, and tripods required for your shooting.

Guaranteed output

Professionals of a business video company will have an obvious idea of how to create effective marketing videos / video production for a website that can connect with the audience. They are working with different clients throughout their journey. Also, these professionals will know all the latest changes happening in the market. All their experiences and knowledge will help them create promotional videos that can give you the expected outcome.

Outsider view

Digital video services / corporate video production agency will give you a fresh outsider perspective about your business. During the initial stage of the project, the project team will do their research and study about your business. This data will help them find a better approach that can work well for your marketing campaign. When the internal team handles video production, they might give biased opinions about your brand. We can avoid it by hiring a professional corporate video production service to manage your project. 

Cost-effective production

A promotional video making service / general corporate video production firm will have all resources needed for video production. They do not have to get anything from outside. Every agency will discuss their client budget initially and design a project accordingly. The technicians also know how to spend your money effectively to give maximum value to it. It will help a brand control its budget for video production. 

As per studies, the rise in internet usage is one of the top reasons for the increasing demand for corporate videos. As of 2018, around 58.8% of the world population watch corporate videos online. 

Types of services in 25th Hur Folks’s corporate video production services

For company video production, there are different services available from an agency. Each video type service a distinct purpose in a marketing campaign. Brands first need to define their marketing goal and find video services they need for the campaign. 

Branding videos-:

Branding videos is a marketing video that shares brand value without directly promoting products or service from a brand. Most corporate video production services offer branding video services that can increase your brand reputation and online visibility.

Social media videos / commercials-:

Social media videos are beneficial to increase the credibility of your brand. Brands use social media videos to target a specific group of audiences. The ideal length of a social media video can be up to two minutes. Some agencies offer marketing video services to improve your brand reputation and organic traffic to your website.

Corporate videos-:

Corporate films are marketing videos that indirectly promote the brand’s reputation. Here the video production companies will not directly promote a product or service to the audience. It is the best way to show the bright side of your brand and create a good impression of it. A corporate video can increase your brand trust and improve your website ranking.

Event videos-:

Event videos are beneficial to market the brand. Brands can use corporate video services to cover all events happening in the industry. They will cover meetings, product introduction, and seminars that occur within the organization. It is helpful to improve the brand reputation and build a better online presence.

Demo videos -:

Demo videos are corporate video that show how a product work by exhibiting it. These videos are suitable to communicate your brand value to your customers. They provide demo video and training video services. Demo videos are helpful to improve the customer base and increase the conversion rate of your brand.

Training videos-:

Training videos mainly show the ways to use a particular product or service. It is a type of educational video that teaches how to do something. Training videos are beneficial for compliance training, employee onboarding, software education, and so on.

Testimonial videos-:

Testimonial videos are short videos in which customers talk about the benefits of using a product or service. Testimonial videos by a cheap corporate video production services provider are beneficial to provide a better customer experience and market a product within the target audience.

Features of our corporate video production services

When you search for video making studio near me, there will be a lot of results online. But it is a wise idea to choose an agency / top corporate video production services that provides corporate video production. You need to ensure the quality of video production and the ability of the agency to create unique projects. There are some features you can check before hiring a corporate video production services for your business, such as:

Experience of the team

Many brands try to cut the cost of video production by hiring cheap corporate video production services. But that might not be a good idea when you want to produce quality work. You need to check the experience of the team who works on your project. When you spend your valuable money, it is essential to make sure that they have proven their skill and can produce the expected result as per your needs. 

Well organized

You need to hire the best corporate video production companies that are well-organized. Most production agencies try to organize their work through different stages of the process. When they arrange their work, it is easy to analyze everything, maximize the work quality videos, deliver and distribute it through proper video streaming channels.

Reviews and testimonials

 Customer reviews and feedback show the quality of service of a business. Customers usually try to input their reviews and feedbacks if it satisfied them with their service. Top Corporate video production services include feedbacks and reviews of their customers. It is also the best option to showcase how well they treat their customers and the quality of their service.


A business can only be successful with good internal and client communication. You need to find a video company / best corporate video production services that can communicate consistently throughout the video creation process. Good video filming services try to convey every update within the organization and their clients well. It will ensure maximum return on your investment and successful project creation.


The punctuality of a video production service is essential to make them successful in the market. Every marketing campaign is time-bounded. So, a brand needs to hire an agency that can work within a timeline and sign off the project. You can understand the punctuality of the agency during initial interactions with the agency. If they are showing up on time for all their appointments and answering your questions immediately, it means that they are punctual. 

Benefits of 25th Hour Folks’s corporate video production service

Some brands create company videos internally without the help of a professional agency. But this can bring a lot of stress and pressure to the internal marketing team. The best way to avoid this is by hiring the best corporate video production services for your promotion. Here are the benefits of hiring a corporate video production service are 


Corporate video production services follow a workflow that allows them to manage their time effectively. The internal team might not get enough time to do research and preparatory work for the video production other than their marketing tasks. While hiring a professional agency brand will gain a lot of time to manage internal business tasks when there is an entire team out there to work on your project.

Saves money

Professional video creation services know how to manage money effectively to create quality videos. We do not have to get any equipment or resources from outside. Everything is available in-house. Also, with our previous experience of handling different projects, they know how to optimize a project based on the budget of the client. While brands try to manage that in-house, they might have to get equipment for rent, buy editing technologies and hire creative resources. It can increase the cost of production, eventually. 

Complete support

Professional video production companies handle a single project at a time. It allows us to concentrate on your project and do all the research needed for it. With years of experience in this field, we can provide expert opinions beneficial for your marketing campaign. Our team will be there to support you throughout your project journey with us. 


A professional corporate video production service will give you a unique content idea for your video creation. For video creation, the ability to stand out in the competition makes a brand successful. Our creative team will think out of the box and find some unique ideas to capture your audience’s attention. 

High production quality

When you hire a video creation service, there is no need to worry about the production quality. The professional team uses high-quality equipment and technology for video production. Shooting videos on mobile devices might not make it an excellent quality one. We also have a camera stand, lights, and tripods besides quality cameras to produce HD video for you. 

Steps in our corporate video production services 

The process of video production comprises many steps to ensure the quality and timeliness of the project. Every agency will not follow the same steps while handling video creation projects / video content. It can be different according to the type of service their client wants. These steps of video production happen in three main stages, such as:


Pre-production is the preparatory stage where the agency needs to understand the client’s objectives, goals, brand message, and key objectives. Based on these points, the internal project team will design the project’s solid marketing strategy, schedule, budgeting, and timeline to complete each step. Once done with the project design, the team will discuss various concepts to be associated with it. Once the video concept got completed, the scriptwriter will start his writing. Also, the production team needs to get all equipment requires for shooting, resource planning, location hunting, and actor schedules. 


During the production stage, the creative team will start the shooting process. The project team follows the storyboard to do the storytelling and shoot the video shot by shot. There will be a director to ensure that they shoot well the video to light and frame. The team needs to complete the project on time to ensure timely delivery to their clients.


Once the video shooting completes, the team will transfer the video to the editor. They will go through the videos and select the best shots to be included in the last video. Also, they will mix audio and visual elements to complete the last video. There will be a situation where special effects and music need to be added to the video. When the editing is complete, the team will go through the video and pass it to the client for approval. The client will watch the last video and approve it if they like it. Sometimes they might request some minute changes that we completed before the last delivery. After approval, they can share the video through various digital channels. 


For choosing corporate video production services, there can be many confusions. You can find the best agency from the result you get for video production services near me. You can go through the entire process to ensure the quality of the video production service. Do not waste your money on any agencies near you. Find the best one that can match your requirement of producing compelling marketing videos.