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Types of product video creation services by 25th Hour Folks product video production company

Video marketing services have come a long way. As per recent findings, 84% of customers agree that product videos have encouraged them to buy a product. Product videos are of various types, and each type serves different purposes. Here are some popular product video services you can choose for your brand promotion from a product video production company.

Explainer videos-:

Explainer videos by product videography services providers are useful to explain about products and services of a Product video production company. Brands can use this to show a virtual or complex product easily to connect with potential customers by explaining what your brands can do for them. Explainer videos use animation, 2D, 3D, or hybrid format to describe a product concept easily. 

Product demonstration / Demo product videos-:

Product demos by a good product video production company usually cover all benefits and features of the product. It can be useful for someone who seriously considers buying that product. Businesses target people who would like to know more about a product before making a purchase.

Brand video / sales video-:

These types of videos by a top Product video production company are useful to convey the value of a brand without directly promoting a product/service. 

Launch videos-:

Launch videos are useful to introduce new products and services memorably. It is a unique form of promotional video content used by new and established businesses to present their product to their audience. 

Kickstarter video:

Kickstarter videos are a specific type of video created to raise money to develop or introduce a new product. This video features the founder of the business who pleads to their customers to invest in their business. 

Event videos-:

Event videos are corporate videos that cover corporate events to produce informational and marketing videos. These videos are useful to ensure better reach of the brand within the audience. 

Whiteboard videos-:

A whiteboard video can be useful to present information and educate the audience about a product or service. Content creators can use components, such as live-action, animation, narration, custom characters, illustrations when introducing a concept to the audience. 


Infomercials are long-form advertisements that feature the benefits of a specific product or service. This kind of video by our best Product video production company can help you improve the reach of the target audience. Also, your brand can use this video to provide more information about a product/service.

Customer testimonials-:

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective brand promotional videos. In this type of video by a product video production company, customers explain how the product helps them to solve their problems. These kinds of videos are useful at a later stage of the buyer journey where the customers want to make a final decision before buying a product.

Features of a good product video production company

Video production companies need to impress customers with their innovative ideas while presenting a product/service. It is difficult to find a product video production company that offers a unique and quality video production concept. Before choosing a company, you can check for a few factors to know if they can satisfy your business requirement.

Professional approach

A professional approach is something you need to check before confirming a product video production company to create a product video for your business. You can check their portfolio to know the uniqueness of their work for each client. When you interact with the company that you got in touch with after searching using terms like “product videography near me” / “real estate videographer near me”, check these points such as their interest in your project, questions they ask, innovative ideas they bring, new technology they use for their projects, and so on to know the quality of their work. Understanding these factors can help you learn whether the video production services company is professional in its interactions and proposals with your business. 

Convincing reviews and testimonials

A top Product video production company will try to include customer testimonials within the landing page of a website. Before choosing their service, you need to check these testimonials to know more about their work quality. You can also see the feedback and reviews from the customers to understand their experience with the company. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the growth of a video production company. If satisfied with their work, they will put positive reviews online about their service. Go with a regular or ecommerce product video production company with positive feedback from customers so that you can avoid any further confusion. 

Creativity & Uniqueness 

When you check online, you can find many product videos. But if you want to stand out in the market through your product videos, choose a best Product video production company that can create unique content for your brand. Searching “video production company near me” / “corporate video Kerala” would be a good thing to try out. If you would like to get that uniqueness in your video, try to choose a company with a great creative team. You can check their portfolio and see their previous work sample. If you can find their videos entertaining, then the company has the potential to create good creative content for your audience.


Video creation is a field where experience matters a lot. You need to choose a video content creation agency with experienced content creators who know how to create content that can stand out among the competitors by following new trends and technology. Freshly qualified professionals might not know the type of video content accepted by the audience. So, it is always better to go for a product video production company with expert professionals who can guide you through the entire process in the right way. 

Clear communication

Communication is the key to the success of a video creation company. If you want to choose a video production company, make sure that they communicate with you regularly throughout your journey with them. Such product video making companies should answer all your questions. Customer support is something that shows the quality of their service. So, always try to choose a company that supports its customers and provides them with better service. It also shows their eligibility to communicate with customers effectively through entertaining product videos. 

Affordable price

The cost of production varies according to the type of video. Video creation is something that needs a lot of effort, production cost, and technical requirements. We cannot precisely define the price tag for each video as the work involved with each type of video might be different.  Do not look for a cheap service. Check for a corporate video production company that produces quality and entertaining videos at an affordable price. 

Benefits of our product video creation services

It is always better to outsource product video creation to professionals from a product video production services provider / a product explainer video production company as they know how to create videos that can impress your customers. Managing everything in-house might be expensive, and you need to put a lot of effort to make it more reachable. Professional content creation services will have enough resources to manage all these tasks with no extra charges. Here are some benefits you will get while hiring a video creation service for your product videos.

Saves time and money

When you work with a professional product video production company, they will have a simple plan in their mind about the timeline. If the company agrees to work on a deadline basis, they will start the production immediately to complete the video production on time. You do not have to research and find resources that can create product videos in-house. Professional companies will have a team of experienced professionals who know what works and whatnot. Also, you need not have to spend money on the equipment and software to create these videos. Thus outsourcing product video creation to a professional product video production agency can help you save your time and money.


Professional video content creation services by a product video production firm are highly dependable. They work in a deadline-based environment and know how to create quality content within the assigned time. They will submit the work on time by maintaining consistency and quality of work. Once accepting the task, the company will start the production process to ensure timely delivery. They are aware of the latest trends, styles, and technology, and know-how to use these elements to create successful product videos for promotion. 


Product video created by a product video production company employs people with relevant skills and experience to work on each project. When you outsource a video production task to a company, they will assign the project to an internal team that has experience in working on similar projects. They will help to guide you through the entire process of video production with new and exciting concepts. Also, they can suggest all-new technologies to the client based on their project goal. 

Better ROI

It is easy to achieve short-term goals by outsourcing the video creation process to cheap video production companies. It will give more time for a business to concentrate on other marketing tasks. When you try to manage so many things in-house, you might have to compromise its quality. Outsourcing video production can help you achieve your business goal. The content creation service will have the experience and knowledge to create a product video that can stand out in the competition. So, invest in creating quality content that can provide better ROI for your business.

Steps in product video creation in our video production company

In a professional product video production company, the video production process takes place as a step-by-step process. When the company follows these steps of video creation, it can manage the production process effectively. Also, they can collect all the client needs for better execution of the project. Product video production can divide into five stages, such as

  1. Initial discovery

It is the first step of product video creation where the company interacts with the client to know their business goals. During this stage, the company will discuss the content ideas with the client. Also, they will develop the basic concept and plan well before going to the pre-production stage. A team of experts from the cheap Product video production company side will interact with the business team of clients to know their business goals, expectations, and the target they want to achieve through this video. This information will help the video production company to get a clear picture of the client’s requirements. 

  1. Pre-production

During the pre-production stage, the internal team will discuss various elements that need to be included in the video. The creative side will discuss the outline for video production, equipment list, shooting schedule, number of resources, scripting, visual planning, and so on. They are making a plan to complete the shooting process and deliver it to the client within a time. The internal team will discuss whether any elements like graphics, animations, music, or recordings need to be included in the video. Now the project manager will assign the role to each team member of the team. Role assignment will ensure the effective execution of the project. Now the project plan is ready, and the company can start the production process. 

  1. Production

It is the step where the video creation process begins. The cheap Product video production company will bring all the equipment and resources to the shooting location, and the production process will start there. It is the stage where all the written steps / storyboard work in the pre-production stage will happen. The production team will work according to schedule and complete the shooting process.  

  1. Post-production

After the production process completes, the post-production stage comes where the video editing process happens at the top video production companies. Now the editor at the product video production company needs to see the whole video and decide what needs to be included and whatnot. During this stage, the editor will add various elements like graphics, animation, music, voice-over to the video as per the plan. After the editing process, the final product will be ready to show to the client. Post-production may take 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the video. 

  1. Upload and distribution

The product video production company gives the video to the client for approval after the edit and post-production work is over. If the client approves the video, it will go to the uploading process. Otherwise, the company needs to revise the video content until they get the approval of the client. In most cases, the production company manages the uploading and distribution tasks. They need to find out the platform that is useful to distribute the content in social media and other channels based on the presence of the target audience/ viewer. If the content requires to be distributed on social media channels, the company can customize these videos accordingly. Now the business can track the performance of the product video using video analytics tools.

That pretty much sums up every reason for 25th Hour Folks product video production company being considered as the best for product video creation.