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The importance of a good production house in Bangalore: In this generation of smartphones and tabs, we can consider video marketing as the best means to engage with customers.

 As per popular studies, embedding engaging videos by a production house in Bangalore on landing website pages improve rates of conversion by around 70%. Thus, it can be safely said that videos have evolved as an essential mode of advertisement in today’s world. 

In India, Bangalore is one hotspot for video production and marketing. The city’s status as the IT capital of India has led to this trend. A small walk through the streets will prove this, thanks to many video production houses in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks. 

Video and ad film companies in Bangalore offer compelling media and corporate solutions. This helps to meet brand marketing’s diverse needs. So, with their help, video creation becomes hassle-free and simple for clients of various types and sizes. 

Here is a list of common types of videos that top production houses in Bangalore make:

Corporate Film Production

This type of video comprises brand films, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) films, recruitment films, and testimonial films. The videos help corporates in solving specific types of issues in branding or recruitment. Also, it’s to be noted that we shoot them using the customer or employees of the company within the corporate premises.

Product Video Production

As the name suggests, they make these types of videos to promote a business, service, or product. They do this with the help of creative marketing ideas. Film studios in Bangalore create superior quality and improved product videos for the promotion of their services/products. Also, these videos usually enhance conversions and boost product sales to a great extent.

Promotional Video Production

Promotion is one of the major goals of video production. So they make these types of videos with the sole intention to assist companies in the promotion of their services/products with the help of creative techniques.

Also, a majority of production houses in Bangalore offer such services to create influential videos for their clients’ business promotions. This helps them increase the sales of their products/services.

Ad Film Production

This involves creating television commercials or online ads that can be related to a service or a product. To shoot such videos, the production firm plans for a professional level setup that includes set designers, costume designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists, art director, directors, sound engineers, cinematographers, and more.

Motion Graphics Film Production

These are 2D explainer videos or animation films. Service industries use these types of videos to speak about products or services. Also, this helps the audience to learn more about a brand’s products/services.

3D Construction Videos

They mostly use these types of videos in the real estate sector. The videos show the final look of an apartment or house under construction. Mostly, ad production houses in Bangalore like us use CAD software. They also take inputs from an interior designer, and the construction’s blueprint to create interesting three-dimensional and interactive videos.

Other types of videos include:

  1. Client Testimonial Videos
  2. Sales Videos
  3. Documentary Videos
  4. Training videos
  5. Business Promo Films
  6. Motivational Videos
  7. Short Films/music videos
  8. Corporate Event Videos
  9. Production and Shoots
  10. Animation Videos / motion graphics / VFX
  11. White Board Animations
  12. Motion Graphics
  13. Infographics
  14. Stop Motion Animations
  15. WhatsApp Films
  16. Special Visual Effects
  17. Logo Animation

As per statistics, the market size of TV program production by  TV production houses in Bangalore was Rs. 778 billion in 2000. Also, it will reach Rs. 769 billion in 2022.

Essential features of best production houses in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks


This is the biggest feature a good production firm/video production company must have. It should be able to generate high-end videos. Also, the videos should be content-rich and capable enough to maintain a specific quality throughout, irrespective of the budget. This helps to enhance revenue and sales in the business. Thus, video generation firms integrate impactful professional videos into their clients’ marketing strategy to offer comprehensive and creative advertising services.

Usage of the latest technologies

Only high-end videos become successful in capturing the attention of users. It gives a boost to their sales chart and increases revenue generation too. Thus, the best providers of production services in Bangalore use updated tools and technologies for shooting and getting the desired outcome.

Wide range of services

A good video production house in Bangalore / production company in Bangalore offers a gamut of videos and digital ads. It includes short films, corporate films, television commercials, communications films, 2D animation, and digital marketing films. It also includes three-dimensional architectural visualization, corporate videos, education videos, app promotion videos, short movies, TV commercials, wedding films, explainer videos, and product videos.


They offer customized videos that are interesting, and tailor-made to suit every client’s needs. So, their personalized solutions and strategies help to achieve the objectives of the brand effectively and efficiently.

Creative and enthusiastic team

A high-quality, cheap production house in Bangalore like 25th Hour Folks works with in-house teams. Such teams comprise talented and experienced media professionals that include movie directors, assistant directors, script-writers, voice-over artists, editors, cameramen, etc. Also, they are always passionate about movie making and can create the best impact on the audience.

These creative professionals excel in movie-making techniques that demand a lot of time and effort, right from conceptualizing the basic idea. Also, they assist businesses with diverse video production elements, beginning from the conceptualization phase to the production and post-production.


The best feature of any production agency in Bangalore is that it keeps its clients aware of the work process from start to end. It also keeps the clients updated about each phase of product development till the actual release of the final product.

It makes the client a part of the team throughout the entire process to provide them with the desired output. This gives flexibility and assurance to the clients during the film creation process.


Top movie production houses in Bangalore understand that there could be possibilities of change in schedules when working in a corporate environment. Considering this, they ensure a certain level of flexibility throughout the process. Also, they are accommodating enough and may offer alternate solutions in times of need.


Every advertisement production house in Bangalore has several years of experience in creating compelling videos. Thus it gives them the knowledge and skills to deal with a diverse range of simple and complex situations.

Benefits of 25th Hour Folks film production house in Bangalore:  

Production house in Bangalore
Cheap Production house in Bangalore

Builds SEO

This is one of the biggest benefits that you can gain from us. The videos produced when shared across social media channels and websites help in the digital marketing of a business. This is a key component that aids in driving more traffic to the business. When the videos you upload on the website are enriching, then it compels the user to revisit your website/social media platforms. Thus it helps to boost SEO and enhance your position in SERPs.

Develops Brand Identity

Another benefit of our services is that they help to establish a brand identity for businesses. It is useful for companies that are looking out to expand their reach and establish their brand identity. Corporate films produced by us help in developing a trust element with international audiences who can’t visit your physical office. By uploading high-end videos on websites, our video and ad production services portray a business’s credible image.

Helps in Recruitment

Recruitment videos by our advertising production house in Bangalore / production firm in Bangalore assist big firms in obtaining the most skilled professionals every year. Also, these videos help them showcase the environment and culture of companies to potential candidates effectively.

Internal Branding

Videos can also prove to be beneficial to motivate employees. A video wherein employees share their success and achievements brings goodwill to the company.

Simplifies Sales

A video is a good way to avoid the hassles of calling up prospective clients and selling products and services to them. So, by producing effective corporate videos, we can save a lot of time via social media and mail. Just by watching the videos, they can quickly understand the service and respond with feedback.

Maximum Satisfaction

Our team of creative content writers, coordinators, and producers gives their best while making branded videos. These professionals very well understand videos are the best form of communication.

They are laborious, committed, and insightful professionals who use the most innovative concepts and ideas in filmmaking. Also, these professionals can perform unlimited revisions to meet the expectations of the client. Whether it is shooting, editing, quality control, or schedule, they provide a great moviemaking experience within the budget and timelines.

A Video Production House in Bangalore can Boost Revenue Generation

Our crew of creative professionals uses drone shots and other advanced tools to create exceptional videos that stand out. Our strategic scriptwriting techniques and best use of visuals benefit a business in several ways. This includes brand recall, brand awareness, enhanced traffic, and improved ranking, which helps the business in reaching out to decision-makers effectively. 

Thus, all this results in improved productivity, more sales, and revenue growth for the business.

Steps our production house in Bangalore follows:

Film or advertisement production looks like a tedious process encompassing several people such as producers, editors, directors, sound producers, and motion graphics artists. 

It also includes plenty of technical terminologies that a layperson can’t understand. Some of them are motion graphics, color grading, storyboarding, sound mixing, etc. 

This entire process can become a lot simpler with the help of a reputed cheap production house in Bangalore like us. 

Now, let us see how our production house collaborates with the clients to produce high-quality, impactful videos. Here are the steps involved in our video production process:


The professionals at our firm will begin by gauging the requirements of the client. This is done by asking the client to fill up a form. Based on the inputs provided, the professionals will learn more about the vision of the business. They will also discuss the products and services, target customers, etc, to study the business. Thus, such in-depth information about the business will help them in planning and preparing for work.


We execute this phase when the business details are acquired. The professionals will start the actual planning of video production. Also, they will gather all the equipment and prepare a team that will be most suited for the specific video production task.

Further, they will carry out an extensive market review to get the facts.

Based on their findings, they will form an action plan and set the timeline for the project. Now, the copywriters in their crew will devise insightful ideas to develop narratives. Also, the company may even need legal permissions to shoot the video at a specific location, and that’s gained as well.


Once the planning work is completed, the professionals at our film studio in Bangalore will start with the actual video production task. They will fix a date to shoot the corporate video based on the inputs of the director of photography, crew director, camera assistant, light men, and production coordinator.

Later, they will arrive at the shooting venue and set up a wide range of equipment that includes lighting tools, DSLR cameras, B-roll captures, tripods, drones, voice recording, and mics. We perform the entire shooting during this phase.

The actual duration of the video production phase depends on the below factors:

The type of video

The duration of different videos is different. While a long-term time-lapse video requires one to five years, a corporate film production takes only a month to finish. A one-minute 2D animation requires anywhere around 30 to 45 days. But a 3D animation of the same duration would need 1 to 2 months of time.

Communication and sanction

The teams at our post-production studios in Bangalore will send the timeline for the various tasks needed to be performed during video production. They will wait for the confirmation mail from the client before they can move forward. Sometimes the feedback and approvals are provided instantly, and during other times it may take a few days to get them.


25th Hour Folks ad film makers can perform the tasks quickly when they are on a higher budget. In that case, they can get a casting agency’s assistance to provide the best profiles for a video. If they have a low-budget project, they will search for the actors by themselves. This takes more time to get the right talent to make an impactful video.


This is the phase that gets executed after a successful video shoot. Following tasks are done during this phase:

  • Editing of videos- Raw footage is edited to incorporate animation and sound to make them beneficial.
  • Approval of Revisions– Video editing firms set aside some time to perform revisions until they get the client’s final approval.
  • The Delivery– Once the client is satisfied with the video, it is delivered to them for the official release.

Now, let’s conclude with a glimpse at the top four locations we offer our services at…

  • Madiwala: Madiwala is a place dotted with food joints offering cuisines from all over the world. We also know Madiwala for one more thing…production houses, post-production studios, and production house freelancers in Bangalore offering high-quality services.
  • Cubbon Park: The area surrounding this park is blessed with impressive scenery. Thus it becomes an ideal spot for top production houses in Bangalore including 25th Hour Folks to carry out video shooting activities. 
  • Vijayanagar: This serene neighborhood in Bangalore is a must-visit place. It has always offered great avenues for the best production houses in Bangalore to shoot beautiful videos, all thanks to the peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Bannerghatta: There is a very famous biological park in this area. Because of this, many people visit the area daily. And this one aspect is enough for every animation production house in Bangalore to consider it as a place to offer their services at.