Production house in Mumbai: Everything you need to know

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. This mega city has many industries that deal with IT, film, advertising, etc. Considering this, it’s not at all surprising that one can find some good production houses in Mumbai, which cater to companies and brands belonging to such varied industries. A production house in Mumbai / corporate film production house in Mumbai usually offers full-fledged services in terms of video production and advertising filmmaking. 

In this technology-oriented age, video or advertisement film-based marketing is the ideal method to engage with the audience. 

Studies say that inserting interactive videos on landing web pages enhances the rate of conversion by 70%.

So, video and ad production houses in Mumbai  / production houses in Mumbai for ads offer corporate solutions to fulfill the wide advertising requirements of brands. Their support simplifies the entire video production process. 

Below are the videos that are produced by our top video production house in Mumbai:

Product Videos:

These types of videos use creative marketing ideas to advertise a business product. Video production companies create superior quality product videos that aim at improving conversions and thus increase product sales for the business.

Fundraising Videos:

This type of video by independent production houses in Mumbai aims at supporting some noble cause. They help to make people aware of charity works.

Animated Video Production:

They design these videos to be highly appealing and relatable. They use live-action and animation for marketing the products. The videos by an entertainment production house in Mumbai comprise several elements that require synchronization with each other to exert the expected level of influence on the viewers. A cheap video production house in Mumbai offering great quality services can change these videos several times without making modifications in the basic structure, background, or characters. They work with comprehensive editing teams that use innovative technologies to change raw footage and convert them into high-quality videos.

Promo Videos:

Video production firms also help in creating promo videos for businesses. The primary aim of such video creation is to assist firms in advertising business services and products. Making influential promotional videos for business promotions helps to boost a product’s sales for the concerned business.

Corporate Films:

These kinds of videos by a film production company in Mumbai comprise brand films, Corporate Social Responsibility films, testimonial films, and recruitment films. They aid corporations in solving issues related to recruitment and branding. They shoot corporate videos with the employees or customers of the company as the performers.

Advertisement Films and TV serials:

Advertisement videos by an ad film company comprise the creation of online ads and TV commercials for a product or a service. The production agency teams arrange professional level setups that include costume designers, art directors, hairstylists, set designers, directors, makeup artists, cinematographers, sound engineers, etc.

Motion Graphics Films:

These are two-dimensional explainer videos used by service industries. They let companies talk about services or products and help the audience gain in-depth knowledge regarding the same.

Real Estate Sector 3D Videos:

They use these videos in the property sector. They show the various design features of an under-construction house or apartment. The firms use CAD software to create the blueprint of the construction based on an interior designer’s inputs. This helps in creating compelling interactive 3D videos.

Documentary Films:

This type of film can help to picture actual events, nature, and people to preserve historical data for upcoming generations.

Training Films:

These are informative academic or educational films that are made by small production houses in Mumbai, with the sole purpose of empowering an extensive set of people. They are used to training children, youngsters, and even older adults of all age groups.

Printing and Designing Services:

Video and ad film making firms provide a wide range of creative printing and designing services in the below-mentioned areas:

  1. Brochure
  2. Signage
  3. Billboard
  4. Logo
  5. Flyers
  6. Banners
  7. Marketing materials
  8. Branded apparel
  9. Promo products
  10. Brochures
  11. Corporate stationery

A top production house in Mumbai, like 25th Hour Folks, will have the following features:

Production house in Mumbai
Top production house in Mumbai

Several things go into choosing good video/ad production agencies. Look out for the following features while choosing a production house in Mumbai for ads. It will help you make the right selection.

Provides Access to a Team of Creative and Passionate Professionals 

Video production is a creative process. You should look for a production firm in Mumbai with passionate professionals in filmmaking field. Some traits to look for in an ad film production team are enthusiasm, commitment, and expertise. Good ad film agencies jointly work with high-spirited and self-motivated professionals. They always think out of the box and provide fresh ideas to create highly creative and influential videos.

Uses Cutting-Edge Technologies

Another essential feature of a good digital ad/ video production house in Mumbai is that it works with a competent team of highly proficient filmmakers, scriptwriters, directors, producers, models, cameramen, etc. These skilled professionals should be able to make use of the latest quality equipment. It helps them to handle the lighting, editing, sound, camera, and post-production tasks swiftly and effortlessly.

By using advanced tools and machinery that ensure a fast and convenient filmmaking process, they will offer best-in-class services that match global standards laid down for video production.

Has a Strong Reputation:

Always go to a reputed production agency in Mumbai. It gives an assurance that they will meet your expectations. Hire a company with a good number of satisfied clients that include corporates, individuals, development organizations, government organizations, and start-ups.

To find a reputed firm, you must read testimonials of its customers, check review websites, etc. It will provide you with valuable insights into a business and will tell you about its professionalism, credibility, and expertise.

Offers Diverse Set of Services

A good video and media production house in Mumbai will provide a broad range of services to cater to their clients’ diverse needs. This helps in the impactful accomplishment of the objectives of the businesses. A good production company in Mumbai will help create a wide range of videos like advertisement films, documentaries, corporate films, informational videos, etc.

Makes its Services Available at Affordable Rates

Good video production service providers perform detailed brainstorming and analysis to create visually appealing ad scripts. On this basis, they select the right models, professional directors, and cameramen to ensure seamless execution. The best thing about these firms is that they offer reliable services that come at affordable rates.

What makes 25th Hour Folks a trustworthy corporate production house in Mumbai?

The help of our video and ad production firm offers countless benefits for the digital marketing aspects of a business. Different videos enable a business to reach a wider segment of audiences. The resultant increase in traffic helps in the quick growth of the brand. Below are some important advantages that you will reap by getting our video production agency’s help.

Compared to text, videos are interactive and exciting:

The addition of audio and visuals helps to enhance the possibilities of shareability. The more a business shares videos, the more exposure it gets in front of its customers. 

Another important benefit of our ad film/ TVC production house in Mumbai is the aspect of digital marketing:

When a business’s audience shares the videos across social media channels, it helps in online business marketing. This helps the business to get more organic traffic. They rank such videos high on SERP. In this way, video and ad production also promote the SEO of a business by boosting search engine ranking.

Video and ad production also help in the brand’s development identity of a business:

This marketing strategy is beneficial for firms that are searching for methods to expand their reach and establish their brand identity. It helps to portray an authentic and powerful brand image.

And we take care of the following things while producing engaging videos:

Here are a series of steps that our teams follow while executing digital film making services. 

Gathering Knowledge About the Audience

The process begins by learning about the requirements and preferences of the target customers of the client’s business. The ad should appeal to the audience’s age group, interests, tone, and income level. This information helps in creating an effective ad that appeals to a wider set of consumers. We always focus on working out a way that allows the business to connect with the desires of consumers.

Identifying Business Competitors

Once the business identifies its target customers, the next step is to identify the business’s competitors. These are the firms that compete with the business of our clients. We figure out how the ad can complement or challenge the marketing efforts of the competitors. This is also a great way to test how the ad is going to influence the competitors in the industry.

Learning About the Market Conditions

As one of the top 10 production house in Mumbai, our professionals will then assess the popularity and importance of the business’s product/service among the public. They will also find out how the client’s products/services stay ahead of other similar products in the market.

Building a Video Production Strategy

From the previous steps, our ad firm will gather the information to create an ad film. In this step, we will form a strategy to prepare the video or digital ad film. We will use our years of experience and technical skills to create a strategy that will help in creating a highly impactful ad.

The strategy by this best production house in Mumbai could include:

  • Selection of a catchy and powerful headline
  • Short and clear description about the subject of the video/ad film
  • Using popular marketing phrases to make it memorable
  • Inserting graphics to create visual interest and seize the attention of customers
  • Selection of the right font, color, and style makes the content interesting and noticeable for the audience
  • Adding important information in the video and ad, which includes business logo, product benefits, and features, tagline, and contact information.
  • Using advanced technologies and software that include Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, iMovie, Picasa, GIMP, iTunes, etc.
  • Including words in the ad creates a feeling of urgency. This will compel customers to take quick action.

Selecting the Location to Post the Ad

As the best production house in Mumbai, we understand it is important to start the marketing strategy three to four weeks before the release date. Some of the best channels to release the final ads through are landing pages, emails, blogs, social media accounts, etc.

Including a “Call To Action”

After creating a compelling ad that explains a business’s products/services, a cheap production house in Mumbai providing high-quality services (like 25th Hour Folks) will include a CTA to get the audience to buy the products and services. The CTA used should compel users to take the expected action, such as clicking the ad, paying for a service, and ordering the product.

Check out the following places in Mumbai (Maharashtra), for increasing your brand value with the help of engaging videos by a cheap production house in Mumbai:

  • Colaba: It’s not just the gateway of India and other amazing tourist spots that you’ll find here, but also a good video production house in Mumbai like us, which offers great quality services.
  • Andheri: We know this place for highly affordable places to stay, great food, and of course picturesque locations for shooting movies and various other types of videos such as ad films and short films. 
  • New Link Road: This is a must-visit place if you are a travel enthusiast. This is also a must-visit place if you are looking out for the best video production house in Mumbai. 
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area: Apart from being the hub that connects Mumbai with the rest of India, here you will also find some good production house freelancers in Mumbai.