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Types of promotional video production services by 25th Hour Folks

Out of many marketing strategies, promotional video production services by a corporate video producer are something that works for both new and established businesses. The excellently laid out video production not only enhances our business reach but also offers promotional videos for business to get the best business with the least investment. 

If you are looking for better customer reach and want to earn a better profit, we will suggest you take the whole aspect of promo video / promotional videos seriously. Believe us guys, this is going to help your business to reach new heights at the least possible time. 

Let’s talk about the different promotional video production services available for the business. Have a look at these promotional video production agency services and decide which one of them is the right choice for your business.

As per studies, the Indian video and entertainment industry’s revenue will grow at 27% to reach Rs. 1.37 lakh crore by 2022.

  • Event Videos

Event videos are great for covering an event or conference held in your company. This is usually a short video of the duration of 1 minute to a few hours. This totally depends on the event or the major parts of the event depending on the needs.     

  • Commercial videos

Commercial videos, or more commonly known as advertisements by advertising video production company/brand video production, are promotional content that is usually sponsored. The duration of these promotional videos for small business is usually 1 or one-and-a-half minutes.  We make these scripted videos under strict supervision and deliver a specific message about the product that your company has recently launched. The video offers brief information about the product and the expected benefits it can provide to the users. 

  • Promotional documentaries

Promotional documentaries are advertisements but we make them from the perspective of a single person or industry. This helps the users to get an overview of how the particular product can benefit them and how it is better than the other similar products out in the market. 

  • Corporate videos

A corporate video is a huge category that primarily targets in-house video production along with the clients who directly benefit from the business. Corporate videos usually contain advertorials, event videos, professional marketing video production, and in-company discussions. IF you are also looking to share some information with your employees and associated clients, the corporate videos are going to be the best way to achieve this. 

  • Real estate videos

As said, the promotional video production services are for the different industries and benefit them equally if made with the ultimate precision. One such industry that can take many advantages from the promotional videos by a marketing video maker company is the real estate industry. And the promotional videos made for the industry are Real estate videos. These videos by a promotional video maker company include drone footage, time-lapse videos of the construction, and many others. 

  • Educational videos

Educational videos are great for those industries that deal with the product that needs to be known to the buyers. These videos intelligently deviate the content from information to product promotion. This is great for the companies that sell health-related products and want the users to know about the product and its needs. 

Another category of educational videos by a promotional video production firm is the how-to and tutorials. This can be a great category if you are into a tech business and need tutorials of the software or a hardware review. 

  • Social media videos

Another popular category of promotional video production services is social media videos. These videos mainly focus on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. They have relatively inferior quality so that they load quickly. Such branded video production has a shorter duration and is great for the new product launch and event handling. 

Along with these, there are various other types that are under the category of top promotional video production services. So, we will suggest you contact a professional promotional video production services provider that has qualified employees and has wonderful experience in the field to make exceptional promotional videos for the business houses. 

Features of a best promotional video production services company like us

Now, once you are aware of the different promotional video content and video ads production services, it is the right time to consider hiring the right production company for your business. Though you can hire the best and reputed company for your business, if you are after better results and value for your money, we will suggest you do a little research about the most suitable video production house for your business. 

We discuss a few features that can help you shortlist the most effective company in your budget below. So, whenever you need a video production house that can help you make flawless promotional videos for your company, these points can help you a lot in doing so.

  • Experience

The first thing to look for while choosing a perfect video production services company is the experience. We can take the excellent experience as the guarantee of better video production and understanding the client’s needs. By choosing an experienced video production house for your business of getting brilliant results and get a brilliantly designed promotional video for your company. 

  • Knowledge of the latest video processing and editing techniques

With the enhancement of video processing techniques and better editing algorithms, video production changes the original videos to make them look pleasing and more appealing to the viewers. And this makes it essential for the video production house to know about these techniques so that they can use these advanced techniques to produce brilliant videos as per your needs. So, be sure to check whether the company has qualified employees to deliver outstanding videos, or not. 

  • In-depth knowledge of customer’s needs

The customer’s requirement is the key thing to know while building a promotional video from scratch. We can learn this through experience and knowledge of the field. Make sure that the company you are hiring for the promotional video has both. BY choosing the promotional video service provider of getting the best results as they perfectly know your needs and how your business works for the clients and customers in the best way possible. 

  • Client dealing

Client dealing is another important thing to consider while finalizing a cheap promotional video production services. Producing a corporate promotion video is a mutual process that needs proper communication between your company and the company making the video. This makes it an essential requirement that the video production house keeps proper contact with you and deals with your needs properly. Be sure to choose a company that has an excellent reputation for client handling. 

  • Reviews/testimonials

Another important thing that can help you choose the right video production house is the reviews. Know their experience while working with the company, and what their views are about the company’s professionalism. 

By looking at the above-listed features for a video production house of getting the most flawlessly designed promotional videos for your company, which can help you get brilliant business and profit in near future. 

Benefits of our promotional videos   

Now, let’s talk about a few benefits you can avail off by hiring the best-in-class top promotional video production services for your business. These companies can help you reach more customers through various marketing platforms and offer many other benefits that make them a worthy step for any business house. 

  • Better management of the content

The first benefit that your website is going to have by getting the promotional videos is better content management. Having too much text or infographics on your website makes it dull. Having different content will not only help your website to look more organized, but it will also help your viewers to stay on the website for longer than usual. 

With all the promotional content and better management between these elements, your website will have a more complete and well-organized view of all your products and services. So, if you are looking to enhance the overall appearance of your website and want to present your business to the customers in a better way, promotional videos can be a great way to do this.

  • Let your customers know about the business in lesser time

Though the content and blogs are a great way to attract customers, most of the viewers only read if the content is worth spending time on. The promotional videos by best promotional video production services offer a more precise approach to reach the customers and let them know whether they should invest money in the product. 

The videos on the website offer a more positive approach to deal with clients. So, if you are looking to provide the customers with more information about the service, consider promotional video production houses and their services to reach the customers. 

  • Enhances the chances of appearing in top search results

According to the latest Google page ranking algorithms, the videos have good weightage in achieving better page ranks. The excellent performance and better content handling make the videos a brilliant choice for the new website and business owners who are looking to secure their grounds and want to earn better page rank based on their content.   

The video content on the website assures that your website and business in the search results more easily and you can easily appear on the top page ranking to be noticed and get a better chance of getting new potential buyers on the website. SO, even if you are not too keen on promotion, the videos will help you get a better page rank by pushing the website to the top search results. 

  • Great value for money

By investing in video production, you can easily earn better page rank, a great website interface, and many other things that can help indirectly to earn better business. So, if you are looking for the best value for money by investing the least possible amount, hiring a promotional video production company will be an excellent decision for your business. Try your hands on the top-rated production house and see your business achieve new heights. 

Steps in a cheap promotional video production services in 25th Hour Folks video production company

A professional video production house follows three major steps in making a promotional video for a company. These three steps or phases of promotional video production are Pre-Production, Production, and Post-production. These phases involve many internal steps that the company follows in order to prepare an exceptional video about your business house which will eventually help you make a better reach to the potential customers. 

  • Pre-Production Phase

The first phase of the promotional video production is the “preproduction phase”. IN this phase, the company officials will talk about your needs, expectations from the videos, and other things like the budget and all. In this phase, the company will know about the target audience, your requirements, and the tone in which you want to deliver the information to the buyers. 

The preproduction phase of promotional video production services also includes scriptwriting and casting that will help your video look more realistic and professional. We mean the promotional videos for professional firms so they need better planning than normal advertisements and commercials. 

This phase also includes all the permissions from the company along with hiring the subcontractors for making a flawless video. 

  • Production Phase

The production phase mainly includes getting the things together from the pre-production phase and shooting the videos. The company usually shoots over one video according to the needs of the client. 

  • Post-Production Phase  

The post-production phase is one of the most important phases of video production of promotional video production services. This includes completing the video and editing it to the standards and presenting it to the client. The promotional video making service company may show two or three versions of the videos that you can complete for your company. 

Now, do we need more reasons to understand that 25th Hour Folks is the best promotional video production services company in India?