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A good video by providers of trustworthy video production services can go a long way in boosting your business to the next level!

In this digital era, interesting videos are among the best ways to connect and communicate with a target audience. Such videos created by a good video production company can serve many purposes such as communicating the ideals and messages of a brand, marketing a product/service effectively, connecting with the target audience at an emotional level and influencing their purchasing choices, convincing the audience about the value of a business and gaining their trust, etc.

There are many companies out there that offer cheap video production services to clients that are looking out to increase their business potential, But only a good one can get the job done with top-notch quality, in a time-effective and cost-effective manner.

“According to 51% of marketing professionals worldwide, companies should trust the potential of top video production services to get the best ROI.”

How can a good video benefit your business?

A good video can compellingly tell your brand story! But it is hard for companies to manage the entire process in-house or with the help of a freelancer, as it involves a lot of effort and cost. So, most businesses try to outsource this task to professionals. It can bring many benefits to the business:

·        An outsider perspective:

When you outsource your requirement, it helps in getting an outsider’s perspective of someone who has not interacted with your brand. An outsider can see your brand from an entirely different angle. This external perspective can help to produce creative, fresh content for your promotional video.

·        Professional support:

Only a professional video creator can help you fulfill your marketing needs by creating well-crafted videos. And such companies will have professionals who have experience in developing various types of videos. So their work experience and valuable inputs will help to bring in a lot of positivity to your marketing efforts.

·        High production value:

To create a video in-house,  lots of efforts like hiring professionals, getting the equipment and software for editing, etc are needed. 

But when you hire a company that offers a full-service video production package, they will have everything ready. They will also know how to create high-quality videos.

·        Timesaving:

You can save your valuable time and spend it on other important tasks related to your business. Since companies that offer full-service video production packages will usually have an efficient workflow, it helps them to save time and money.

·        More reliable:

Professional agencies are more reliable since they always follow a set of standard guidelines. When they accept a project, they will chart out a schedule to complete it efficiently before the deadline. Thus they will make sure that they complete your work in a timely and effective manner.

·        Quality work:

Experienced video production agencies can offer you industry-standard videos. They will have a team of professionals, ready to help you in creating videos for your business, just as per your requirements. And these professionals will know how to create unique videos that can help a brand connect with its audience. 

At 25th Hour Folks, we offer various types of high quality, cheap video production services to help small and medium-sized companies:

Based on the purpose and requirements of a business, we provide an endless number of top video production services. People use each one of them in different scenarios. So, it’s better to know a bit about some of them, before proceeding forward to entrust your requirement to a service provider.

·        Event videos:

These are nothing but professional; yet eye-catchy, creative, and beautiful documentation of various live events such as company meetings, lectures, sports, weddings, ceremonies like housewarming, live performances, and DJ nights. Even though they are usually lengthy, they can be short as well, based on the requirement.

The primary purpose of event videos is to document and store the moments of an event. We can use them for future references, both personal and professional.

Event videos by video production companies usually come in two varieties: Traditional and candid. The first type usually employs the shooting strategy of traditional videographers, who majorly depend on the usage of lengthy unedited shots and traditional angles of videography. But the candid version has creative professionals making use of their craft in a more advanced, eye-catchy style. They go for unconventional creative angles, innovative storylines to portray the event and seamlessly edited shots.

·        Advertisement films:

Also known simply as ad films, they are small 30-90 second videos that aim at marketing a product /service and achieving the result of making sales. Scriptwriters usually build them up on interesting themes/storylines that essentially focus on being striking and catchy. Ad films may appear externally like miniature versions of scenes from full-length feature films, but functionally focus on the features and benefits of the product/service; and aim at driving in more sales possibilities with interesting taglines, catchphrases, and effective calls to action at the end.

·        Promotional videos:

Even though they are strikingly similar to ad films in the aspect that both are used to promote a product/service, promotional videos differ slightly when we consider the fact that apart from aiming at the mere purpose of making sales, they have the additional role of building audience engagement towards the brand.

Just like ad films, they are usually 30-90 seconds in duration.

·        Brand videos:

These are videos that are again similar to ad films. The only striking difference is that we do not create brand videos for marketing a brand/service, but for building brand awareness and brand engagement by connecting effectively with the target set of audiences. They have high production value when kept in comparison with traditional ad film variants.

·        Animation videos:

Being one of the most used ways of making interesting commercially viable videos, the animation is undoubtedly a tricky business. While animated videos can essentially help in the promotional and marketing activities of a company, they can double up as carriers of complex messages through a medium of entertainment. We can also consider them as a type of full video production service, as they can easily compliment live-action videos.

·        Corporate videos:

Here we look at one of the most professional and serious forms of filmmaking. Companies and businesses belonging to all industries and size groups use them to promote awareness about their products, services, activities, and brands. Also, corporate video productions include training videos, instructional videos, company walkthroughs, safety videos for the employees of a company, event videos, and interviews of top management/satisfied clients.

·        Testimonial videos:

They completely revolve around the aspect of customers/clients explaining and advocating about the benefits of using a particular product/service, recommending it to further potential customers. They also explain how the usage of a particular product benefitted them, leading to a problem-solving situation.

·        Documentaries:

This category of videos is realistic in its approach and execution. So, such videos focus on real-life stories and aim at informing the public about various issues happening around them. And their production value is usually very low. This is because they don’t depend on any fancy elements in terms of the making.

·        Miscellaneous other videos:

Such as short films, web series, music videos, social media videos, PSAs, government videos, explainer videos, infographic videos, educational videos, etc.

What type of video production company should one choose? 

There are certain must-have features for a good trustworthy video production agency. Let’s look at some of them to find out the apt choice for your project.

·        Excellent portfolio:

Checking the portfolio is a great way to understand if a company can take care of your project in a perfect, professional manner. It will help you understand the quality and range of their work. From their portfolio, you can understand if the company has a history of producing varying styles and unique content for its clients.

While checking the portfolio of the video production firms, make sure that it has a good balance of both quality and quantity. The portfolio must be extensive enough with many previously executed projects (quantity), and each project should be of an impeccable standard and done for well-known clients (quality).

·        Reviews and testimonials:

You also have to check the reviews and testimonials given by customers, before hiring the company. For this, you can either do a general search or browse online spaces such as Quora and Reddit.

Customer testimonials can easily provide more information about the company in terms of its qualities.

·        Cost of production:  

It is essential to know in advance, the standard industry price of getting a video created. The budget quoted by the video production firm should be under this standard price range.

They usually set the cost of production based on the type of video that the client wants to get produced. A video with templates might cost you less when considered in comparison with a full-fledged live-action video. So, it’s always better to choose the type of video that suits your business needs and expenditure capability.

·        Timeliness:

The ability of the company in honoring deadlines without compromising on the quality of the project at each stage of video creation is an essential factor to check, before outsourcing your requirement. You can constantly check whether the company keeps up with the timeline while working. The company should respect your business, and therefore should be able to finish the assigned task on time. There is no point in choosing a company that gives less value to your time.

·        Good communication:

Communication skills in terms of client relationship maintenance is an essential factor to check before finalizing the company. You can judge the company based on whether they reply to your questions promptly. It should also be able to keep up the client’s interest by interacting with them enough to know their needs and business goals.

This aspect is essential since it will help in creating interesting videos, which can bring in better engagement with the audience.

·        Better planning:

A company doing video production should be able to stay way ahead of the client’s expectations. Also, it should have clear-cut goals and expectations of its own, for the projects it takes up.

Without a clear business goal, a company cannot move forward in business. So, if they can impress you with their project plan with details like a timeline for completion, project scope, and KPIs; then it’s a wise move to choose that company.

·        Creativity:

Last but not the least, the creativity of the professionals offering video services is an essential factor to check for while making a choice. A glance through their previous works is the best way to assess this factor and understand if they can offer and execute unique concepts.

The most important thing is that they should be able to create engaging content, which can convey the message of your brand to your audience directly and clearly.

PS: A thorough background check of our company’s past track record will help you understand why we are the best in the industry for providing professional quality services.

Some services which we offer are: 

  1. Corporate video production
  2. Television commercials
  3. Product videos
  4. Campaign videos
  5. Business videos
  6. Profile videos
  7. Event mashups
  8. Documentary videos
  9. Explainer videos
  10. Promotional videos
  11. Training videos
  12. Branding videos
  13. Teasers
  14. Music videos
  15. Short films
  16. Web series
  17. PSAs
  18. Vlogs
  19. TV content
  20. Digital ad films
  21. Infographic videos
  22. Whiteboard videos
  23. 2D animation videos
  24. E-learning videos
  25. Typography videos
  26. Social media videos
  27. Post-production services
  28. VFX services
  29. Interview videos
  30. Educational videos
  31. Trailers
  32. 3D animation videos
  33. YouTube video production

And the locations which we primarily cater to are:

Kerala: Known as God’s own country, this is one place that has many scenic locations to shoot extremely beautiful videos. 

  • Kochi: An important area within Ernakulam district, Kochi is a sprawling metropolitan city, which offers an immense amount of possibilities to carry out media-related activities.
  • Calicut: Yet another big city in Kerala, Calicut has many places that are of historical importance. Thus, the possibilities for creative professionals to shoot impressive videos are limitless. 
  • Kannur: Also known as Cannanore, this small town is the political capital of Kerala. Kannur has a rich history of progressive social movements. The liberal attitude of the people because of such movements has made this tiny district an apt place to shoot videos with zero interference. 
  • Malappuram: We can easily mistake this district in Kerala as an extension of Calicut, all thanks to the massive amount of development that one can witness throughout. Thus, Malappuram is a good place for any service provider to carry out its work uninterrupted.
  • Trivandrum: As the second metropolitan city in the state of Kerala, Trivandrum provides lots of scope for brands to get their videos done. All thanks to a considerable number of people providing freelance video production services in the area!
  • Thrissur: Staying true to its reputation of being the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is a melting pot of vibrant colors, varying cultures, and extravagant celebrations. And that’s reason enough for any creative professional to choose this place as a hotspot for video making activities.
  • Kottayam: Kottayam is yet another district in Kerala, known for the richness of its culture and traditions. And that is reason enough for us to include it in our primary service locations.
  • Alappuzha: It’s a small town in Kerala, with beautiful backwaters and other interesting tourist spots. That makes Alappuzha one of our favorite spots for shooting beautiful videos. 

Other locations in India:

  1. Bangalore: The city of Bangalore is among the biggest cities in India. We can compare no other city in India with the amount of development and opportunities this city offers. So Bangalore automatically becomes one of the primary choices for any professional or freelance videographer. 
  2. Chennai: This city in Tamil Nadu has the right mix of modernity and tradition. It’s this richness and the immense opportunities it offers, which attract video creators like us.
  3. Coimbatore: Being the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is an apt choice to consider for carrying out creative activities.
  4. Hyderabad: This old city is open to the growing media culture in our country. Thus, for media professionals like filmmakers, it always has a top place in their list. 
  5. Mumbai: Mumbai is famous for its huge film and media industry, among various other things. Apart from Bollywood, there are countless production companies as well in this city. 
  6. Pune: The film institute in Pune is almost synonymous with the city in the minds of Indians. With an impressive media culture, this city offers a lot to media professionals. 
  7. Delhi: Being the capital city of India, Delhi is packed with companies like us, who can effortlessly offer the best video production services in India. We have been offering services in Delhi since our inception. 

Steps that we follow at 25th Hour Folks while producing videos for our clients:

“We can effortlessly leverage the maximum ROI for your business.”

We usually follow a series of steps based on tried and tested industry best practices. This workflow helps us to manage the entire process effectively; when more money, labor, and infrastructure get invested.

The workflow includes everything related to documentation, planning, production, review, approval, and publishing.

1.       Pre-production

The pre-production stage is the most basic and important step; because all the planning and scheduling part of the video production service including client interactions, understanding business goals, planning, defining project scope, task assignment, and budgeting happen during this stage.

·        Client interaction:

During this step, we will meet the client to discuss and understand their business goals and expectations regarding the proposed project. By getting a clear understanding of what the client wants, we can design a plan to create videos that can help in achieving their business goals.

·        Budgeting:

After interacting with the client, we can set a timeline and define the cost of production for the video content. Mainly during this step, we try to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the budget breakdown for the project?
  2. What is the overall timeline for the project?
  3. By when will the final script get ready?
  4. When to start the shooting?
  5. When will the post-production work begin?
  6. What is the target date to complete the project?

·        Assigning roles:

During this step, our project manager/executive producer will allocate the roles and responsibilities to the team. Depending on the size of the project, our production company will pull various people on board to be part of it. This includes writers, editors, directors, producers, sound engineers, animators, and so on.

·        Creating and approving storyboard:

After assigning the roles, the next step is to design a storyboard. for storytelling It will be a clear outline of the content of the video, with each shot sketched. Thus, the client will get a clear idea of what is going to appear on the screen.  

Other pre-production activities such as equipment buying, location scouting, casting, and final scheduling of the project will follow this step.

2.       Production

After getting approval from the client, the production phase at our video company starts. This mainly includes the shooting process based on the approved schedule. The filming process is completed well in advance to ensure timely delivery of the project. Various steps that come under this stage are:

  1. Lighting and art step up

2) Filming

3) Cutting the trailer or promo videos

3.       Post-production

During post-production, our key crew will watch the whole video they filmed and make a call regarding further processes.

Steps under the post-production stage include:

·        Dubbing, editing, and sound mixing:

Once the video reaches the post-production studio, the final copy is created and rendered. For this, the raw footage is edited, color graded, and synced with the audio track (which includes dialogue track, music track, and SFX track).

·        Internal Review:

After editing, the video needs to pass through an initial review from our side. A group of experts from our panel will review the video for its accuracy. They will give their feedback regarding any changes, before submitting it to the client.

·        Client approval:

If the video is ready, then it will be submitted to the client for approval. Reviewers from the client’s side will watch the video and give their comments. In case if the video does not satisfy the client, we will work on it again.

·        Delivery:

Post client’s approval, we will hand over the video for publishing through apt channels/mediums.

4.       Distribution and promotion of the final video projects

During this stage, we will extend our support to the client to plan and execute various strategies for the promotion and distribution of the video effectively, and ensure maximum reach among the target audience. For this, we do thorough research on what metrics define success for the analytics part. We will also analyze various ongoing business trends and accordingly determine a plan for content distribution. We take care of this whole phase through our special freelance video production services division.

With such extreme levels of care and precision executed, we can promise the topmost levels of quality for your project. Our experts will work 24/7 to turn that promise into reality, giving meaning to our reputation as the providers of the best video production services around.

 “Statistics show a revenue growth which is 49% faster while using videos when compared to other marketing methods.”