Video production company in Chennai – Everything you need to know!

“As per statistics, the whole aspect of a video production company in Chennai is on a steady growth path, at an impressive rate of 25%.

Chennai is a city in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southernmost corner of India. Of course, we all know that much for sure. But beyond that, Chennai is also a haven for investors and businesses of all types and sizes. 

And the concept of using impressive branding videos by trustworthy video production companies in Chennai is catching up as one of the most sought-after marketing methods by such brands, to leverage the maximum ROI for their businesses. Videos can act as one of the biggest factors in marketing conversion, regardless of your company’s size and nature. Taking this sudden increase in the requirement for videos, every top video production company in Chennai like 25th Hour Folks has started offering high-quality services at cheap prices.

The services offered by such corporate video production companies in Chennai usually include corporate videos, branding videos, ad films, etc. among others. 

Such companies can script, shoot, and edit the videos in a way that they are interesting, entertaining, and serves the purpose of marketing properly. But then, the quality of the videos will also depend on the budget that a particular brand is ready to set aside. 

Before choosing a video production company to handle the video requirements, one must understand and consider various factors. Such a cautious approach will help brands to choose the best video production company in Chennai out of various options available around. So, let’s see what those factors are:

Video production company in Chennai

A top video production company in Chennai like us will definitely offer the following services:

Since videos are powerful tools that persuade the audience to feel, belief, and act in a certain way, their importance in society can’t be undermined. Different video services are available these days, and a good production company in Chennai can efficiently provide services as per your requirements.

Event videos

This kind of service is useful for recording seminars, meetings, sports, parties, weddings, and other live events. The duration of event videos varies from 30 seconds to 3+ hours. The format can either be that of an event teaser or a complete multi-camera production.

Commercial videos

Commercials can be scripted, documented, or animated. Commercial videos are usually 30–90 seconds in duration. It can include sponsored content, branded content, pre-roll, etc.

Documentary promotional videos

These videos range from 1 to 30 minutes and use interview-based storytelling techniques. This category includes promotional videos, travel videos, and infomercials. They are concise as they are intended to provide the most possible amount of information, all the while capturing the viewer’s interest in the shortest possible time.

Corporate video services

These videos are usually between 1 to 60 minutes in duration and include product video, lengthy training videos, brand culture videos, and promotional videos. It basically spans all the videos that a company uses to communicate internally and externally. A visually stunning corporate video production can help you and your products/services to portray your brand image. It is a simple way of reaching out to more customers by helping the brand and products project the best possible impression in their minds.

Real estate videos

They usually come within less than 5 minutes and use plenty of filming techniques such as drones, time-lapse, sliders, and more to create tantalizing video experiences.

Educational videos

These videos are topical and include television ads, tutorials, etc. Based on the depth of the topics, they may be short 30-second videos or lengthy videos. Educational videos offer remote learning opportunities to teachers from around the world.

Music videos

This kind of video by film studios in Chennai provides just what you expect (a lip-sync to produce a music video). However, if the video does not involve an audio story, we may also use it for other clients. This category can include trailers and teaser videos.

Social media videos

Videos on social media are typically 15-60 seconds long and can include text, music, and narration. These videos work well on Instagram, YouTube, Instagram Reels, and various social media platforms. Many estimates show that keeping it short is ideal. Others say that it requires a good duration to optimize the watch time. But ultimately, the video length doesn’t matter. It’s all about good content that facilitates conversation.

Look out for these features, when you are searching for a good cheap video production company in Chennai:

When you are looking for high-quality video content, remember to select a video production agency in Chennai that exceeds the expectations. You can consider the following features.

1. A professional portfolio

It is best to take a closer look at the portfolio before you sign a deal with video production companies. Consistency is more important than availability. So don’t just pick up startup companies. Some important questions can expose you to various types of companies, giving you ample options. They can also warn you about the company’s quality in your decision-making process.

3. Punctuality

It isn’t easy to judge this factor before a project is delivered. But there are still timeliness indicators to look out for before you go. If a company does not value time, it’s better to cross it off

5. High standards

During every stage of life, standards are important. And it’s extremely important in a professional environment. Regardless of why you need video content, one thing is certain: it should be awesome. There’s a lot to explain regarding the aspect of paying more for highly professional videos. But in a nutshell, if you are sure about the production standard of the company, you can pay as per their demands. By examining their previous works (videos they produce in-house), you can test their standard.

7. Uniqueness

Unique videos are all around. If there’s no uniqueness, then a video can get lost in the never-ending pool of videos that are created every day. Highly creative thought is important for the unique character of videos. A good video production creative team can always come up with unique concepts.

2. Client testimonials

Customer reviews are a crucial feature. Usually, the testimonials provide more details about the portfolio of the company. A glowing testimonial is a sure sign that you can expect integrity from the agency.

4. Clear expectations

Production companies in Chennai provide briefs about their objectives, preferences, and conceptual details before they start a project. In the early stages of buying, they provide useful resources for defining artwork, storyline, and length options. This helps the clients to stay prepared about their expectations. Any film studio in Chennai with a good standard will give you a detailed timeline for a project. It will also be able to offer you comfort and confidence during the process of video creation

6. Passion

In every creative industry, it takes a lot of time to polish and improve a craft. The animators, editors, video experts, etc. are powered through art. They have to keep their gear moving throughout the day. In a company providing video production service in Chennai, it cannot be too difficult to spot passion. Learning to recognize certain related metrics will help you decide and eventually get what you want.

Benefits of 25th Hour Folks’s corporate video production company in Chennai:

We can handle the process of video production even more efficiently when compared to our competitors. Some factors which make us unique are:

a) High quality of production

When you are looking out for the highest quality in a video, it would require a lot of investment in terms of equipment, training, and software. But we have the facilities and experience to produce high-quality videos at cheap rates. When you hire our professionals, you’ll get the best quality video.

b) Creative input

Most of the creative concepts come from the understanding of what definitely works with the tools you have. We have spent our entire lives in this industry, and it helps us to come up with concepts that others could never imagine. Also, it’s worth mentioning that our external perspective towards your project can kick-start innovative ideas about handling the message you want to deliver.

c) Proficiency in marketing

Video marketing is a useful tool, but you need to know how to use it correctly. Corporate video production companies like us have good video marketing experience and can guarantee that your investment pays the highest return.

d) Excellent service

You lose a lot of time and effort trying to produce a less than perfect video when you work on your own. But with our help, you will save a lot of time and money. We have a standard process that helps us to work efficiently and create the best videos.

e) More reliability

At our Video production company in Chennai, we have professionals who can shoot and finish the work quickly, delivering within the deadline.

And we at 25th Hour Folks have a standard process:

If you have a professional corporate video production company like us by your side, they can do everything required to give you the finished product as per your needs. Our process includes: Pre-production Production Post-production

1. Pre-production:

A considerable amount of planning and analysis goes in at our Video production company in Chennai before production starts. Everything begins with the video concept. While you might already have a perfect idea of what your video will look like, we go through the concept and work out things based on what is workable and perfect. For a corporate video production with more production value, a skilled scriptwriter is necessary. And we have that! A variety of ideas, planning, and even marketing analysis is involved during this phase. Storyboarding is done in such a manner that can be easily comprehended. We prepare different shots one by one, along with the details of the resources they require. After that, we search for the locations and other resources. All necessary equipment is procured as well. We go forth and work with our casting directors to find the right actors. Post that a timetable is developed for the shooting. We perform test shots to ensure that the location, equipment, and actors work together perfectly (with challenging shots, tests are crucial). After that, the producer and director at our Video production company in Chennai will get the audio track ready. Further, the art directors, engineers, and designers come into the picture to create the sets. In a nutshell, our pre-production stage for a corporate video in Chennai includes: Testing the aim, target audience, and delivery method of your video Preparing a budget Creative and pitching development Scriptwriting Storyboarding and outlining Location scouting Casting Getting necessary shooting permits and equipment

2. Production:

For a video production firm in Chennai / corporate filmmakers, the actual video shooting is part of the production phase. Here are some aspects that come under this. From concept to completion, the producer is active throughout the production phase. This includes overall supervision and budget control. In collaboration with a director, the chief camera operator executes his vision of the script. They also supervise the departments of camera and lighting and create visuals that tell the story. The assistant camera operator marks a sync point between the video and the audio with a slating to ensure that the focus is correctly set. The audio engineer at the Video production company in Chennai mixes and reproduces sound effects and further manipulates them. The head of the lighting service is the gaffer. The design of the lighting plan is his responsibility. It’s the grip who designs and creates the setting for the video. Make-up artists will work on the actors’ faces and bodies to change their looks, as per the script requirements. The drone operator operates the drone cameras, and the production assistant is in charge of the entire communication process between various production departments.

3. Post-production:

The post-production of a video by corporate video makers in Chennai will significantly affect the look, feel, and professionalism of the video. Post-production syncs and improves the audio and visual media. Issues that occur during shooting will also have to be resolved during this phase. The editors will take the recorded material and correct it. They will further adjust the color, crop out production elements, and fix other minor visual issues. Before finalizing the video, we as the professionals from the best Video production company in Chennai will stitch the footage in the same way as the original pre-production storyboarding. The director and producer from the video production company may also change the order of the scenes. The entire process basically involves: File management: Sorting out all the required files properly for further use. Video editing: Joining the final shots seamlessly to create the final video. Video production companies like us do this as per the initial storyboard. During this stage, all unnecessary aspects of the video are removed as well. Animation or graphics: 2D or 3D animation is done and added to the video as per the requirements. Also, the aspect of VFX (visual effects) is taken care of. High-end VFX software is used for this purpose. Voice-over recording: The audio (dialogues and voice-overs) are dubbed and recorded in such a way that it syncs well with the video footage. Sound mastering: The audio levels are mastered or adjusted to suit the storyline. Further, the background music, dialogues, etc. are mixed properly to sync with the video. Color grading: The color tone of the video is adjusted to get a professional look. Delivering files: The final copy of the project is rendered and delivered to the client.

Our corporate video production company in Chennai has a presence in the following locations:


As a developed area in Chennai, Egmore offers many avenues of opportunities to every full-time & freelance video producer in Chennai.

Anna Nagar:

This is a peaceful residential area in Chennai metro city. Being a well-developed area with a good population, Anna Nagar is an excellent choice for ad film making companies / Video production company in Chennai that is looking for steady growth.


This area is a meeting spot for various cultures. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice as a location for carrying out video shooting and other related activities.


This is as much a business spot as it is a tourist location. So, 25th Hour Folks (which is the best video production company in Chennai) has its office in this area.

Mount Road:

Currently known as Anna Salai, this area is famous for the progressive attitude of its people. No wonder that it’s always among the list of preferred places for video creators of all types.


This area is located at the center of Chennai. So it offers many commercial opportunities for media companies.

T Nagar:

Also known as Thiyagaraya Nagar, this busy neighborhood is all about trade and commerce. This makes T Nagar an ideal spot for freelancers and full-time video producers / Video production company in Chennai to set up their business.


Known as a key area of Chennai, Koyambedu gives great importance to education, business, and other commercial activities

So that sums up pretty much everything about the aspect of video production company in Chennai, including their advantages and working process. And from what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear beyond any doubt that a high-quality, cheap video production company in Chennai like 25th Hour Folks can go a long way in taking your brand to the next level of revenue generation with highly effective branding and marketing videos.
video production company in Chennai

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