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Video production companies / corporate video production help to create marketing videos for their clients. Their project team will plan a concept, design the project, produce the video, and market it through various digital channels. If you haven’t thought about video production yet, this is a favourable time for you to start it for your business. You can choose a top video production company in Kerala to handle your project. Some companies can design the project as per your requirements. Before hiring a video production company in Kerala, you need to know the following points.

Recent stats about video production company in Kerala: As per latest studies, companies and corporates choose to publish their videos through their websites, 85% of time. 

Importance of our video production company in Kerala

With the help of a storyboard, video production companies in Kerala can help brands to create a professional video that can perform in the market better. Competition in this field is higher and if you want to outshine the competition, the only way is to hire a professional video production agency. These agencies are essential for the growth of your business because of the following reasons.

Complete support-:

A professional video production agency will support their client throughout their journey of video marketing. Brands hire video production companies to have expert aid for their marketing. Our agency hires experienced people to handle each of our projects. They will manage one project at a time and to be with the client whenever they need. 

Interesting ideas-:

Unique concept is quality that helps a brand to stand out in the market. We can assure you to give fresh content ideas that can make your advertisement popular online. Customers need to get engaged and take any action after watching such videos. Our creators have experience in working on projects from various fields, and it can help them take the right approach while designing a video project.

Dedicated time-:

A cheap video production company in Kerala will give you full support by providing a complete team to handle your project. We need to provide quality service to our clients. When there is a full team to support and monitor your project, there will not be any chances of errors or mismanagement. Our team will complete the project within the schedule and provide support to your business goals.

Accountability -:

We hold complete responsibility for the success and failure of our project. When you hire an agency, they will be extra vigilant and make sure not to make any mistakes. A single fault in a project can impact the reputation of our company. So, the team will invest their entire time to design the video and market it. 

Types of services by 25th Hour Folks video production company in Kerala

A video production company in Kerala offers almost all marketing video services to their clients. Brands can choose the type of video they want as per their business requirement. Each type of video serves different purposes. If a brand knows its business goals, it is easy to find out the video service you want. Here are some popular video services available from a top video production company in Kerala.

Event videos-:

A digital marketing agency in Kerala offers event video production services for brands. These videos are 30 secs to 3+ hr videos to improve brand reputation and visibility online. Brands can use agencies to cover their lectures, meetings, sports, weddings, and other live events happening within the company. 

Advertising videos/commercial videos-:

We script advertising videos videos that can be useful to promote the brand among the target audience. Commercial videos can be 30-60 secs videos useful to engage the audience and create better brand awareness. You can hire ad film companies to create a video that can convey your brand message to your customers.

Corporate video -:

Some agencies provide corporate video services for brands. Corporate videos are promotional videos to spread brand awareness in the market. Here the company will highlight its brand values rather than promote any product/service. You can hire a company that provides corporate video in Kerala. 

Animation videos-:

There are some animation companies in Kochi to help brands in creating animated marketing videos. Animation videos are beneficial to express a complex brand concept in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Animation videos are of various types, such as 3D animation, 2D animation, whiteboard animation, and stop motion animations.

Social media videos-:

Social media is a great marketing tool where a brand can target a small group of customers. Advertising agencies can help a brand create compelling social media videos to engage its customers. These videos are 15-60 secs videos with music, text, and any narration.

Demo videos-:

Demo videos are mainly helpful to show how to use a product or service. Brands can use demo videos to make their customer’s life easy. Demo videos are beneficial to communicate the value of your product to your prospective customers. Such videos can improve the brand’s credibility and popularity online. 

Music videos-:

A video production company in Kerala also offers a music video production service. If you want to showcase your singing talent and get famous, these agencies can help you. They will create professional music videos and help you stream them through various video streaming platforms. Even brands can use music videos without an audio story to impress their customers and get more sales. 

Features of our video production company in Kerala

You might find a lot of video production companies in Kerala online. But it is difficult to find the best video production company in Kerala without checking few features. Here are some factors you can check before signing the project with a video production firm in Kerala.

Professional portfolio-:

Before finalizing your project with a video production company, go through their portfolio. You can check the website of the agency to review their portfolio. The portfolio of a professional video production agency contains details of their previous successful projects. When you review the portfolio, it will help you understand the quality of work and their capability to create compelling marketing videos.

Qualifies team members-:

Next thing you can check is the experience of their project team. Video production is a field where experience matters a lot. You need to hire a video creation agency with experienced staff members to accomplish your business needs. Before hiring a company, you can ask for the qualification of the project team who will work for you. Hire a company with experienced team members who know how to handle your project well.

Effective communication-:

A video production company in Kerala should have good communication with their clients. Communication is the key factor that leads your video production to succeed. There should be good communication internally as well as with external clients. An agency needs to inform every update regarding the project to their clients. Also, they should give the proper answer to questions they get from their clients. If they do not satisfy you with how they interact with you, there is no need to hire such an agency for your project.


A video production company should value the time of their clients. Video production business is something that needs to complete within a timeline. When you hire a video creation agency, make sure they can complete the project within your deadline. It is not something you can find out before hiring an agency. But you can find out their timeliness during initial interactions and how they keep up their appointments with you. 

Client reviews-:

Client reviews and testimonials will let you know the quality of their service. A good video production company will include client reviews and testimonials on their official website. You can also do some additional research outside to find out their quality of service. If a video production agency provides good quality service, the clients will always put pleasant words about their service. Hire an agency with excellent reviews to ensure good quality video production service for your brand promotion. 

Benefits of 25th Hour Folks video production company in Kerala

A video production agency in Kerala can bring many benefits to your business. We are a professional agency service with expert staff to handle any project. You will see a sudden growth in your sales once you use the video marketing option for your business. Here are the advantages of hiring a professional agency to handle your promotional video production.

Timesaving -:

A video production company will handle your project professionally by doing all research works and study. In-house video production might not be a good idea as it involves extensive research and design work. The internal marketing team might not get enough time to concentrate on all areas of video production, along with internal business tasks. Agency will invest their entire time in one project to make it successful. You can focus on the internal business task at the same time.

Better financial management-:

Video production agencies will have enough experience in handling projects of different scales and sizes. This experience will enable them to design a project within provided budget by the client. They know where to spend money and where to save it. Also, an agency need not have to collect any types of equipment and tools to create the video that can also save your money.

Quality production-:

A video production company will know all the latest technologies and equipment needed to create quality videos for their clients. When you spend your money on producing marketing videos, they should have excellent quality and effectiveness to give you the expected result. A cheap video production service in Kerala might do this service for you. But monitor the quality of their production quality. We use the most modern technology and equipment to create HD quality videos for our clients. These videos can provide you with the desired outcome as well.

Expert support-:

A video production agency comes with expertise and experience. With their knowledge about the market and project handling experience, they know how to move forward with your project. This experience will help them avoid any mistakes that can happen in your project. 

Steps in services in our video production company in Kerala

A video production company will follow steps to ensure a quality video creation process. Following these steps will ensure maximum efficiency for each of our videos. These steps can be different in every video production agency. We follow the below steps while creating a marketing video for our clients.


The pre-production stage is the preliminary stage of video production. Here our project handling team will interact with the clients to learn more about their requirements. By knowing project goals and client expectations, an agency can easily design a project for its clients. The team will have an internal discussion to discuss how to proceed with the project. The project manager will create the project with a schedule to complete each stage. They will also decide the concept for the video and do the scripting during this stage.

Production stage-:

Production stage involves the actual video creation process. Here the creative team will shoot the video based on the script. The project team has to follow a daily schedule to ensure timely completion. 


During post-production, the completed video will go to the editor for mixing. He will combine video, audio, and any additional graphic elements if needed. Once the editor completes his work, the project team will validate the video before sending it for client approval. If the client approves the video, it will go through the distribution process. Sometimes a client might ask for some minute changes before publishing. Our project team will make these changes and get them approved by the client before signing off the project. 


You can choose the best video production company in Kerala to work on your marketing campaign. They have the experience and resources to handle your project in a way that you will get the expected result for your campaign. Always keep in mind to check the above features before hiring a company to ensure excellent service. 

Locations where we offer our video production service in Kerala

Trivandrum-: Trivandrum is a beautiful place with beaches and architecture. You can find some good video production companies in Kerala here. Agencies offer almost all video production services for businesses and individuals. 

Kochi-: Kochi is a famous city in Kerala, with a lot of industries and scenic places. There are production houses in Kochi, where you can get your video marketing services. You can choose one of the best film production houses in Kochi or video production firms in Kochi to produce a marketing video for your brand promotion.

Calicut-: Calicut is in the northern part of Kerala with many scenic beaches and historic places. Brands can use one of the top advertising firms in Calicut to create an advertising campaign for their marketing. The best branding agency in Calicut offers almost many video productions useful for brand campaigns.

Kannur-: Kannur is a popular place in Kerala with some best scenic places. Some video production agencies in Kannur offer services to businesses. Companies can hire a good video production agency in Kannur / video production company in Kerala for their marketing campaign videos.