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Video production company in Kochi

A gist of our video production company in Kochi

As per data, 85% of video production companies in Kochi and video production firms in India measure video effectiveness through the usage of metrics.

Video production companies are helpful for brands to plan, design, and execute video creation projects for their promotion. There are some best video production companies in Kerala to manage your project. If you have not thought about video promotion, you are losing a golden opportunity here. Videos by a video production company in Kochi are the best ways to convey your brand message to your target audience. If it doesn’t convince you yet, read this article to know how they can help your business. 

Importance of our best video production company in Kochi

Kochi is a popular place for video production companies. You can hire a top video production company in Kochi to work on your project. Here is why a video production company in Kochi is essential for your business.

Fresh concepts-:

When you hire a video production company in Kochi, they can bring unique ideas for your video content such as product videos and infographics among others. Fresh ideas can stand out in the market and give you the result you want. If you are using the same old concepts for your video cannot make yours work. Experienced talents from the agency can bring fresh video concepts that can work well for your products.

Experienced resources-:

When you want to use a professional video production company in Kochi, that means you want experienced resources. Agencies hire experienced professionals to handle your projects. Their knowledge about the market will help them take the right approach to your project. 

Better money management-:

A professional video production company will have experience in handling projects of various budgets. This knowledge will help them design a project within our client’s budget. We know how to manage your money effectively and spend it to create a project that you want. Our team can design a perfect promotional video within the budget.

Timesaving -:

By hiring production houses in Kochi to handle your project, you will save your time. When they do all the work required for your project, you can concentrate on other essential business tasks to make your customers happy. Even though you have an internal marketing team, they might not get enough time to do relevant research for the project. This part is safe with an external agency, and they will work hard to make your project work well in the market.

Types of services by 25th Hour Folks video production company in Kochi

You can find some good film production houses in Kochi to do your business video. There are full-service and niche-specific video production available from agencies. A full-service video production company in Kochi handles the following video production. 

Explainer video -:

Explainer videos are business promotional videos to promote the products and services of a business. Brands can use these videos to increase their market visibility and improve their brand credibility online. You can place explainer videos on the landing page of your website or product page to give a clear picture of your product.

Branding videos-:

Branding videos are beneficial for a brand to express its brand value without directly promoting any product or service. You can hire ad film companies to create convincing branding videos for your customers. It is the best way for brands to increase their popularity and to improve visibility.

Commercial videos-:

TV ads/commercial videos are the easiest way to improve your brand reach. Good commercial videos need to have a catchy concept to be successful within the competition. There are ad filmmakers in Kochi who can bring fresh ideas to your tv ad. Commercial videos are beneficial to improve your brand credibility and increase your conversion rate. 

Digital videos-:

Digital videos are short and impactful videos to promote your product or service on search engines. There are production houses in Kerala and short film production companies in Kerala that can handle your project well. They can create catchy digital videos that you can distribute through various digital channels, such as email, social media channels, and your website.

Animation videos-:

Animation videos are the easy way to express complex business ideas. There are 3D, 2D, and stop-motion types of animation videos available from animation companies in Kochi. They can design good animation videos to increase your brand presence online and engage your customers.

Event videos-:

Event videos are beneficial to create a better brand presence and show your customers about every update that happens within your brand. They will help you to shoot company events, meetings, and training and distribute it through video streaming channels. These videos are helpful to build a better brand image and your reputation among the target audience. 

Demo videos-:

Brands can use demo videos to showcase to use a particular product or software. Customers always like to watch a demo video of using the product rather than reading the user manual. Such videos can increase your brand credibility and conversion of the brand automatically. 

Features of our cheap video production company in Kochi

You need to find a top video production company in Kochi to handle your production work. When you search on the websites of every production agency, you will get almost similar information. It is difficult to find the best video production company in Kochi for your business promotion. Here are few factors you need to check before hiring an agency.

Good quality works-:

A good video production agency in Kochi needs to have a professional portfolio that contains all their previous work. By checking all their previous video works, you can assess the quality of their work. If you can connect with their work and find their ideas unique, hire that agency to handle your project.


Positive reviews and testimonials can help you understand the quality of their service. Satisfied clients will always leave a kind word about the agency if they are happy with their work. Check whether you can find reviews and testimonials about the service quality of the agency you want to work with. There are forums and a QA website where you can ask opinions about the video production agency to avoid further confusion.


Timeliness of the agency is something that you need to check before hiring them. Choose an agency that can produce quality work within a timeline. You will understand the punctuality of the agency during the initial stages of interaction. If they show up at your meeting on time and answer all the questions at the right time, it means that they value your business.


You need to check whether the agency is passionate about your project. Video production is a field where experience matters a lot. Creative teams should concentrate on increasing their expertise by continuing the learning process. You can easily spot the passion of the agency while interacting with them. If they seem to have interested in your project or asking genuine questions regarding your project, that means they are passionate about their work.


A reliable corporate video company in Kerala should only hire experienced resources for their team. They will handle multiple projects, and only skilled resources can make it work by designing them properly. This team will also know every marketing trend and take your project forward to make it successful. Check the experience of the team working for your project before finalizing the agency for your work. 

Benefits of hiring 25th Hour Folks video production company in Kochi

Professional film production companies in Kerala can make your project successful with their experienced resources and expertise in the field. You can handle your project in expert hands while hiring a professional agency for your business video creation. The benefits of hiring a good video production firm in Kochi are: 

Agency can save your time-:

A professional agency knows where to start your project, and what you can do to make it successful. Your internal project team might not get that much flexibility and time to do all the background work needed for your project. A good video production agency can concentrate on one project at a time and do all the needful projects. It will also give more time for your team to focus on the internal business process.

Agency can save your money-:

It is a tedious task to hire professionals and train them to handle video creation for your business. You have to pay their salaries and spend extra money to guide them. You do not have to do it when you get a professional agency for your project. We come with skilled resources who can handle any project. All you have to do is to decide your budget and tell your expectations. We can do the rest of the process and complete the work for you. 

Agency can provide better ROI-:

When you spend your money on creating professional videos, we can work hard to give you the expected result. With our experienced staff and resources, we can design a suitable strategy for your campaign that can attract the audience’s attention. We also have tools to track the performance of your campaign and ensure to get the expected result you want. 

The agency has experienced video creators-:

When you try to shoot a video for your business promotion, it might be economical, but the video might not work as you expect. When a video production company handles your project, they ensure to give a professional touch to your marketing videos. Experienced creators know how to make your video work and attract customers to your business. This experience can be beneficial to make your marketing campaign successful.

Steps in services in our video production company in Kochi

A video production services provider in Kochi works based on a workflow to ensure timely submission of the project. It involves various steps before the final distribution. Here is the workflow we follow in our company while handling video creation projects.


Creative research and conception-: The project team will meet with the client to understand their project requirements. Based on the discussion, the team will do their background work for the project. They will come with various concept ideas based on these research data.


Once the team comes up with a single concept idea, the writer will start his scripting work. He will submit the script for the manager’s review before finalizing the ideas.

Production design-:

Once the storyboard is ready, the next step will be the project design part. Here the project manager will do the production design. It includes budgeting, artist scheduling, location search, and equipment collection.


Location set up –

Here, the entire crew will be at the shooting location on the first day. They will set up the shooting location, lights, and sounds to start the filming process.

Shooting -:

Now, the filming process will start officially. The production team will start the shooting based on the schedule for timely delivery.


Editing -:

When the video is ready for editing, the editor will mix voiceovers, music, visual elements, and graphics to complete the process.

Review and approval-:

After editing, the video will go to the project manager for approval. Once the video gets approved by the internal team, it will send to the client for his approval. If they require any changes for the video, the agency will do that until it gets approval from the client.

Final distribution -:

When the client approves the video, the agency will distribute the video as per their marketing strategy. They will track the performance of the video and sign it off once they see the expected result.

Popular video production company locations in Kochi

Kalamassery-: Kalamassery is an industrial area in Kochi with a lot of popular businesses. There you can find a cheap video production company in Kochi that can create quality work for your marketing. Choose a full-service agency from here and pick the type of video you want for your video promotion.

Kaloor-: Kaloor is the major shopping area of Kochi with tech companies and media companies. There are full-service and niche-specific agencies out there for your video production. Choose the best corporate video company in Kerala from Kaloor for your marketing campaign.

Edappally-: Edappally is a major commercial center in Kochi. There are some popular video production companies in Kochi to handle your project. They can create catchy marketing videos based on your business needs and provide you with the expected result.

Palarivattom-: Palarivattom is also a famous area for video production companies in Kochi. There are agencies to handle your video marketing campaign. You can find some best freelance editing services also from this area for your business need.