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“OK! Here we are going to confess a bit about our love…”

Hey wait! But isn’t this the website of 25th Hour Folks?

“Yes! and that’s exactly why you are going to read here about our undying love for creative perfection, professional passion, and of course...filmmaking.

The video creators and ad film makers in India and abroad who work for our video production house make sure that they do complete justice to this divine love of ours. 

No wonder, since they are experts at ad filmmaking as well as a wide variety of other types of audio-visual content production.

Now...do you want to experience our love for our clients? Scroll down and ring us up!”

Team of experts”, “Top-notch services”, “Years of experience”, “Challenging projects”, “Our USP”, “ROI we promise”... well, you’ve already read these words and more umpteen times in all those video production company websites you went through before landing here!

Tiring, right?

Even we don’t believe in cliches! 

So without further ado, we invite you to experience it all by yourself. After all, experiencing is believing!

Working with us is as simple and effective as that!

Don’t listen to those grumpy “grown-ups” when they say that there’s no such thing as MAGIC!!!

At 25th Hour Folks, our witches and wizards (Pssttt...those adults will try to convince you that they are just ad filmmakers. Don’t listen!) can conjure up those irresistibly engaging digital ad films and TV commercials.

The digital ad films that our ad film makers whip up for you can guarantee sure-shot success for your brand/product by helping you fly way above your competitors.

With their magical touch, your brand/product can straightaway get etched in your target audiences’ hearts without any hassles!

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Digital ad films

Let your audience watch and listen to all the information they need to know about a brand/product in a quick, easy, and engaging way. Our digital ad films provide the perfect way to stay ahead of the rest. Digital ad films from our ad film makers are also the perfect way to get your product across. 

Post production services

25th Hour Folks is a boutique video production company with a big-time focus on pre-production, production, and post-production services. With a team of professionals, we're able to provide quality service to a wide range of clients by designing and executing challenging projects.

Television commercials

We're a well-known advertising agency, and we produce TV commercials for the purpose of advertising and marketing. We produce commercials for brands and businesses of all types and sizes, and we do shooting all over India. 

About Us

We are the best ad film makers in India with high levels of creativity and market insight, a cheap video production house in India that offers high-quality services…and much more!

“After all those sleepless days and nights, when 24 hour folks give you ‘meh’ stuff, 25th Hour Folks advertisement production house steps in with some ‘muah’ stuff! 

Experience a new dimension of video production and ad filmmaking services…by top ad film makers in India.”

Welcome to the 25th Hour Folks’ Mediaverse…the best production house in India!

Production house

If you are not the guy who made that iconic movie, then you’ll love our work…SIMPLE, yet hard-hitting!

And if the error in “Intarstellar” got the better of you, then you definitely need a good video production house like us for flawless videos!

We can go further with an endless list…for why we are the best video production house / cheap ad film makers in India.

But then, this is not an ABOUT US page!

Also, like the rest, we could easily hoodwink you with lots of pretentious blah blah blah…

But we don’t fancy faking things!
Nor do we hold those boring boardroom meetings!
And we don’t even have offices in Dallas and Dubai!

Production house in India

As the best production house in India.


Don’t let that give you a wrong impression about us. We have three years of solid industry experience as one of the top advertising production companies. Also, we have handled the video production and ad filmmaking requirements of countless prestigious clients.

Hands-on expertise in the most sophisticated aspects of top production house services is our biggest plus. We have over time become addicted to this unflinching dedication of churning out the best quality videos for our clients.

Even the neatest gulp of Old Monk can’t get us high (No, that’s not a lie), the way that satisfied smile spreading across a client’s face can!

So even though we are young and playful at heart, we never play around with the quality of our work.

But here’s something for your mind to play around with:: As per studies, in India, the activities related to production houses that have shown vigorous growth are VFX and post-production; with a growth rate of 21.1% in the year 2018.


Pricing Plan

Customizable pricing plans based on your requirement and budget


  • Standard quality
  • Decent equipment and artwork
  • Experienced crew


  • Industry quality
  • Professional equipment and artwork
  • Professional crew


  • Out of the box quality
  • High-end equipment and artwork
  • Film industry based crew
The dedication and expertise shown by 25th Hour Folks team in creating content and videos for us was really commendable. Their works have helped our business in a great way. Timely delivery of projects and their unique style of creativity are among a long list of factors, which made me continue our relationship with 25th Hour Folks.

Pravan Pandurangan D

CEO, Phoenicorn Entertainment, Bangalore

I’m really happy that I get my content and video requirements done by 25th Hour Folks. They have always supported us in every way possible, giving us the best quality work at affordable prices. Forever happy that our business is in safe hands!

Deepak M C

CEO, D-Art Tattoo Studio, Kerala

We are a full-fledged video production house / ad film makers in India. Even though we specialize in ad filmmaking and audio-visual content production, we provide text-based content as well.

As for videos, we do scripting, shooting, and editing TV commercials, digital ads, short films, web series, YouTube videos, corporate videos, etc. And for written content creation, our areas of expertise include blogs, advertising agency style copywriting; website, business, SEO, social media, and academic content writing, etc.

Also, we have a team of highly experienced video creation and content writing experts, who are the best in their chosen departments. Each professional in our team specializes in a wide range of subjects and genres. Thus it makes them the best people to handle projects that require perfection, creativity, subject expertise, and marketing potential.

Apart from that, we also employ many expert freelancers from all around the country. They have proven track records of delivering top-quality work on time, in a highly trustworthy manner. Our core team handpicks them based on various qualities such as creativity, subject expertise, impeccable filmmaking/writing skills, experience, and trustworthiness. This ensures that they can completely satisfy our clients.

Be it ad filmmaking, video production company activities, or content services; we work on every aspect of the project.

We receive a lot of applications every day from seasoned filmmakers, advertisement production house professionals, and content writers in India. From that, we handpick the best through a rigorous multi-layered process. So, we can assure our clients that the best professionals from a wide range of domains will handle their prestigious projects.

Also, we group our in-house & freelance videographers into various subcategories based on their area, subject, and genre of expertise. This helps us to provide unforgettable experiences to our clients.

Three aspects pull in a huge number of expert filmmakers and writers to our network: Work flexibility, good remuneration, and the opportunity to work with the best in the domain.

.Work flexibility:

We give the filmmakers and writers the liberty to choose projects. We also give them the liberty of working from their homes. Thus they get their own creative space and time.
This is very essential for every creative professional working in a video creation firm / advertising agency.
But then, we expect each work to be of high quality, and as per our clients’ expectations.

.Good remuneration:

Now, who wouldn’t want a handful of money for their time at a production agency? We respect the worth of our professionals and pay them as per industry standards.
We also do the payouts promptly so that our esteemed employees won’t have to wait.
It’s done through trusted channels, with proper records for each transaction. This ensures prevents confusion and conflicts.

.Opportunity to work with the best in the industry:

Yes, we mean it!
We are a full-fledged media production company / ad film makers, and work based on certain industry standards. This ensures that every single process is flawless and in adherence to the quality requirements expected from a well-established media enterprise.
And so, we have a large pool of well-known professionals working with us. Here you’ll find professionals working with well-known corporates around the globe, to celebrity filmmakers and writers sought after by big fishes in the industry. They are good at providing top-notch video & content writing services.
Such professionals choose to work for our firm, because of our track record of high-quality works done for well-known brands and corporates. Also, our personal and professional contacts within the advertisement/film/content industries, and the level of experience and expertise our core team possesses helps.

NB: Despite being a well-sought after production agency / ad film makers in India, we also give opportunities for highly talented freshers. As we said earlier, we value talent and professionalism over anything else.
So yes, our doors are always open for you; if you have talent, the right attitude, professionalism, passion, and a will to work hard.

The digital era has shrunk the world into a global village with quick connectivity throughout. And so, the way people communicate for business has changed.
Along with everything else, even video production has become digital.

As a top video production agency / ad film makers in India, we ensure that our clients get the best solutions.
Here we offer you video and content solutions that can power every aspect of your business, just the way you want it!

We begin every project with thorough research about the client’s background, business, and requirements. Based on the data gathered, our primary team creates an action plan and executes the project.
Post execution, we polish the output till it becomes perfect.
We also ensure the timely completion of each project, as per the client’s requirements.

The main activities of our production agency are video content creation, advertisement filmmaking, and content writing. So we can execute every aspect of video production company services & content services.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries such as hospitality, education, entertainment, healthcare, government sector, and product retailers. Also, it covers small, medium, and large-sized brands and businesses from all around the globe.

Here is a list of the industries our media production company serves:
The insurance sector, film industry, media and entertainment sector, top advertising production companies & branding agencies, startups; packaging, designing, legal, technology, human resources, accounting, architecture, robotics, cosmetics, publishing, retail, fashion, finance, wellness, software, hardware, lifestyle, digital marketing, real estate, SEO services, web designing, and UX firms.

Note: It’s just a small sample of our production company activities.

PS: Apart from English, we also do projects in:
Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Czech, Polish, etc.

The volume of requirements is never an issue since we have many expert professionals in India and abroad. We can easily handle one-time projects and long-term contracts without compromising on the quality and timeline. We will assign a single point of contact to each client for streamlining the entire process swiftly and professionally.

Since we are a full-fledged agency, we offer the following services as well, along with our core activities:

1) Storyboarding services for various types of video projects: Storyboarding is an extremely important aspect of video production. It helps the video making company to be well aware of what they are going to shoot. This helps in avoiding glitches during the production phase. Storyboards usually contain the detailed shot division of the project.

2) Graphic designing, photo editing, and print ads: We are not just to videography and shooting. We also handle services related to the print medium. It includes impressive graphic designing services and photo editing services, among others.

3) Photoshoots and related activities: We have a well-experienced team of still photographers to handle this.

4) Voice Overs: Our post-production studio is well-equipped to handle the aspects of dubbing and voice over. We can do it with an impressive level of efficiency.

Also, we accept projects beyond the barriers of language and


We can provide you an extensive portfolio of our previous works for video projects. Thus we can convince you about our caliber before you take the plunge.

With long-term requirements for writing projects, we can provide a free sample of 500 words. Along with that, we also provide a sample portfolio of our works.

Either way, we start the project only after the client is completely convinced.

Yes, we have an expert team of scriptwriters who can write interesting and innovative scripts for any type of videos. Most of the teammates are from commercial filmmaking and ad filmmaking background. So, they know very well what it takes to create a commercially viable script.

Thus, with their expertise on your side, you can expect the maximum ROI for your brand.

The scripts that our teammates write always find a fine balance between entertainment value, marketing potential, and innovativeness.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that we finalize each script only after getting complete approval from the client. We are very particular about this, as client satisfaction is our top priority.

As a top production house, we allow the clients to get involved throughout each project. This helps us to create the videos according to their needs.

We also give regular updates to the clients about the status of the projects. Our advertising agency professionals make further changes based on their feedback.

Apart from that, we follow a highly standardized process. This helps us to ensure the quality of our videos as one of the top production houses / ad film makers in India.
Further, our multi-layered approach ensures that the projects are 100% free from errors

Also, we submit the final output to the client only after many rounds of thorough quality checks by our experts.

All these factors explain why our clients consider us as the best production house / ad film makers in India.

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